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Re: Don't want to live anymore by ring5100 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   7/14/2010 7:14:43 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Hi. It's still been a battle, especially with sore muscles and back problems to to muscle degeneration and the 2 years of fatigue. I have not been able to do any weight bearing exercises for over 2 years. The time will come someday. I used to work out at the gym and do lap swimming, but have only been able to do slow walking and light stretching. The fatigue has effected my posture too, creating back problems, in which chiropractor treamtne is needed more.
Yup, that darn high cortisol contributes to the high T3. I started out on the lowest does of 1 microgram a day and have been on it for one year. Can not tolerate an increase to 2 mcg. causes anxiety. Yes, you are right, treating the adrenals first is the key.
I started out on 15 mg. of hydrocortisone daily, 5 in the morning 5 at noon and 5 in the evening. Over time I have very slowly cropped down to 3 mg. 3 times a day and I sometimes double that if excess stress, illness or over activity insues. This relieves the adrenals of putting out that extra cortisol and drawing on there reserves.
Natural compounded hydrocortisone is the best from a compounding pharmacy. My insurance covers 80 of the cost, so I only pay $15 for a months supply, thank goodness.
Sounds like you are in a severe stage. 7 months is atill a bit premature. I've recoverd from 10% total body functioning last year to now 40%. I'm looking at another 1-2 years to regain 70% capasity. Dr. Lam says the older you are and the more severe the adrenals are the longer to recover. Take care. and keep in touch.
Take care dear adrenal sufferer. We're in this fight together. and it has it's ups and downs all the time.

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