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Am I doing this right?? by Lisa_77 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   7/22/2010 7:25:11 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I'm on the following regimen now, since 2,5 weeks:

- Candida diet (including whole rice and spelt, legumes and quite a bit of coconut/olive oil, olives and avocado, because I'm underweight I really need the calories)

- Betaine HCL and digestive enzymes with every meal.

- 9 Types of antifungals (oregano oil, garlic, GSE, artemisinin, asafoetida, cinnamon, berberine sulphate, pau d'arco, olive leaf) of which I use 3 together, and rotate every 4 days... I take them 3 times a day on an empty stomach.

- High dose of special enzymes to break down fungi; (hemi)cellulases, protease etc... in the morning and evening along with the anti-fungals.

- Beta-glucan, L-lysine, high dose vitamin C & superfoods (chlorella, barley grass) to enhance immune function.

I have thrush on my tongue and also vaginal candidiasis. And many symptoms tell me that I have candida overgrowth in my intestines as well (possibly also blastocystis).

I have just done a parasite cleanse (Clarke) and since I'm on the antifungals, my symptoms are improving a bit.


I notice that by the end of the day, my tongue is almost clear of thrush. However, in the morning when I look at my tongue, it's back! This has been going on for over a week now.

I thought of using my tongue as a kind of 'indicator' of my current yeast problem... believing that the anti-fungals I take would slowly (completely) eliminate the thrush as well.

I don't want to use Gentian Violet topically on my tongue to eradicate the yeast (yet), because then there's no way to tell how the rest of my body is doing.

That the thrush grows back during the night... what does that say?

I thought I might be reinfecting myself with my toothbrush/tongue cleaner... so I keep these in an H202 solution now.
That hasn't solved the problem though. :(

Now I'm afraid my regimen isn't working. Or maybe it is working in my intestines??.. but not in my mouth (yet)?? I don't know. Am I too impatient? It just scares me that the thrush grows back every night.

Should I make any changes to my regimen?

Any advice/ comments?
They're very welcome.

Many thanks in advance,


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