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iodine and kidney pressure follow up by cougar ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   7/24/2010 6:37:39 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I posted a couple weeks ago or so noticing that after only taking 3 mg of Prolamine Iodine for about 3 days I came home after work and felt ok and then suddenly my energy crashed, my kidneys areas tensed up and my legs got really weak.

I dowsed for chewing a 50mg Iodoral pill and within 30 minutes I felt way better. I was confused by this because previously I had kidney pressure from taking too much SSKI .

so here is the update:
over that next almost two weeks I kept the kidney pressure at bay by taking more Iodoral and then adding in SSKI to the mix. after a few days of this I went on a hike and my legs felt like they had some energy in they used to years they wanted to do more....almost wanting to run....i just about cried!!!! I am only 46 and my bodied has been hammered for years.

for a few days I got almost to 300mg of total Iodine, keeping the iodoral to about 100-150mg and the rest SSKI .

I am disappointed to say that this has not continued and actually a couple of days ago it shifted to other direction almost, where taking the Iodine seemed to bring on the kidney pressure.....crazy!

This whole thing has me this chemical detox, is this killing parasites, or yeast? my bias started shifting more toward the sski but then I noticed I wasn't feeling as good in the middle of these two weeks, so I shifted back to more on the iodoral wondering if it kills yeasts or bugs in the gut better because is gets absorbed more slowly?????

my dowsing this morning came up with Ascaris and lead and mercury as part of the deal...and I needed to do some clean up of that stuff as well as continue on the Iodine.....
just sharing that because for some of us it is a crooked path


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