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In answer to your question Carol..... by success ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   8/5/2010 4:56:08 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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hello Carol.....sorry to learn of your eye parasitic infection, I can sympathise with your situation.

I don't remember having any bad side effects if any whilst taking Albendazole in 2003 for the 14 days some five years after my infection initially started only that within a month after finishing Albendazole, I pissed pure blood [a lot] which was definitely not a period. I did see a Consultant Urologist during that time who took a bladder biopsy whilst I was being hospitalised for two days but the Consultant found nothing that revealed anything conclusive from my biopsy result.

Another related side effect after taking Albendazole was bleeding under the skin, for example if I took my blood pressure using an arm band or having anypressure applied, red streaks would appear under the skin, I have forgot the name for this condition.

Apart from contracting this awlful infection
in 2000, my general health had been reasonable and I was not on medication of any kind.

If you have been prescribed Albendazole Carol, then you should be monitored for a blood count to check your red blood cell level as well as for a liver function test etc. this should avoid any severe side effects taking hold, ask your hospital about this.

Regarding further damage to my health, yes I have been affected by this parasitic infection for which I'm certain in another way and that is in 2005, five years after I first had this infection, I acquired Cutaneous T-CELL Lymphoma, a condition still quite rare at least in the UK.

CTCL is a non-Hodgkins Lymphoma where killer t-cells [CD4 for example] clone themselves and cause plaques on the skin. Fortunately mine has remained at a lower stage-grade and has not progressed higher, so far.

It is of no coincidence that CTCL has occurred as it did with me some five year after my worm infection first started as the link between the immune defense system with E-5 and its relation to opposing helminthic infection, its not surprising my killer t-cells went beserk! I have no family history of having CTCL.

My general health has deteriorated since my worm infection but I cannot tell if my liver or other organs have been affected by this infection. I have been anaemic at times over the years since becoming infected so I take a herbal iron supplement when I need to.

My ongoing symptons are detailed in my 2nd message here.

Do you have floaters in your eyes and shape are they?


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