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Re: Candida? Slow thyroid? Mercury Poisoning? B12 Deficiency? Gluten Intolerance? by Iolite ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   8/10/2010 2:35:29 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Your ferritin is too low for a guy. It should be over 100.

Your b12 is too low, should be upper 800's at minimum, optimally upper end of range.

You need to get your vitamin d tested too, 25-hydroxyvitamin D.
check out
for more info on importance of adequate d levels.

A lot of your symptoms point to a sluggish thyroid. Getting your FT3, FT4, RT3, anti-bodies (anti-tpo and tg-ab) will give you a better idea of thyroid function.

Adrenal fatigue is also possible.

If you track your basal temp first thing in the morning and it is below 97.8F, then suspect thyroid issues. Because the TSH is not above 4, most docs will consider your thyroid ok, but your TSH has inched up from .91 to 1.8. Unless you're dealing with high RT3 values and need T3 to lower it (ie cytomel), you can probably get the thyroid working optimally with Iodine supplementation (iodoral or Lugols --25mg-50mg daily), companion supplements:
and l-tyrosine to support adrenals and thyroid. Read all the Iodine links on the site and go over to the Iodine supplementation board here on curezone to help you answer questions and get started. Google iodoral for places to get it. Swanson vitamins sells both 2oz of 2% Lugols (about 3.5 mg total iodine per drop) and iodoral (12.5 mg total iodine per tablet) and you can get the other supporting supplements too. Don't forget the unprocessed salt too. It'll help flush out the bromide.

Getting your b12, d, ferritin and iodine levels up will help your body fight off the candida. You also might want to consider going gluten free if your antibody tests indicate hashimotos. A large majority of folks with hashimotos thyroiditis are gluten intolerant.

Dr. Lam and Dr. Rind have good sites explaining adrenal fatigue.

More good info on iodine:


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