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Reindeer Dust. The rest of the story... by prayervoice ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   8/16/2010 6:59:41 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Guilty as charged for selling Reindeer Dust!

(forgive me holy father MH for I have sinned :))

But it was just a fun thing though.

Here is the rest of the story.....

Reindeer Dust was a great sales success for the radio station I was brokering time on back in 1979. The station was FM 108 in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Please keep in mind that i was a completely different person way back then. Back then EGO ruled me. Today it is the exact opposite. With that in mind let us continue...

In order to keep the radio station on the air I sold everything you can imagine. Bibles, pots and pans, encyclopedias, record club deals, CB radios, (I was the first person in North America to advertise condoms on radio or TV as I had Trojan Ends as a sponsor) Cross Pens, chicken coops, motor cycles, A&W coupons, magic weight loss formula, mystery boxes, and on and on.

As Xmas was nearing, my sales manager dared me to try and sell the ashes from his fireplace.

Thus was born, after 30 seconds of thought... Reindeer Dust. In several distinctive varieties and just in time for Xmas. We had garlic, cinnamon, rose petal, roast pork and several others.

We needed a "sales hook"... so here is what I advertised:

If you have someone that you have to buy a Xmas gift for, but they are not exactly on the top of your list of favorite people, then do we ever have a solution for you.
Reindeer Dust! Reindeer Dust is available exclusively from your friends at FM 108 for just $19.79. Reindeer Dust comes in 11 different varieties, and we guarantee delivery to your not-so-loved-one, along with a beautiful gift card hand signed by Santa Claus himself, authenticating the contents of every package to be genuine Reindeer Dust from Santa's sled team at the North Pole. Supplies are limited (Santa only has 8 reindeer you know) so call now. Elves are standing by to take your order for genuine Reindeer Dust. What a surprise Xmas day will bring when your not-so-loved-ones have to call you and ask what the hell that smelly stuff is that's in the envelope? Imagine their great joy when you tell them it's genuine "Reindeer Dust."

The people who bought the reindeer dust really never got to see it. They had to supply us with a name and address for their not-so-loved-one. We sent it out on their behalf.

Hundreds and hundreds of people were gifted Reindeer Dust at Xmas back in 1979..... which blew us away. I did it strictly as a joke, but the listeners lapped it up. They loved the idea of something really odd-ball for the not-so-loved-ones on their list.

And now you know.... the rest of the story.

Create a nice day

PS.... most people thought we were sending out reindeer do-do. I forbade my staff to tell anyone anything about the contents of the envelope, other than to say that the contents had to be combined with something smelly because the odor was not very nice and Canada Post would be all over us without the addition of the cover smell.


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