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Re: Iodine Update.. by cougar ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   8/26/2010 10:26:30 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I guess I have a few comments.

I went back and read some other post of yours. You are taking Iosol correct?
I know some people here use it and have results, but many are using Lugol's, Iodoral or trappers skki and magnescent combo.
so that is something to consider.

I am not sure how far you are into this, 2 months? or so?

my first two weeks on Iodine two years ago, were great, I recovered from exercise better, my mood was better and energy. I was so psyched! then after two weeks I started feeling like I was getting sick, so I stopped the Iodine and felt better but then i didn't recover from exercise very well again so I chased my tail with the Iodine for a long time and then I just gave up, I figured I caught some bug and that it wasn't detox, especially since my bromide level was low on my iodine loading test, well it was 16 and less than 12 is supposed to be decent, anyway i didn't dive in enough here on this forum so I didn't get clear what was going on. so I got into Colloidal Silver and initially I felt I must have gut bugs, which tests showed I it made sense I was killing critters, but then that wore off and I thought I was messing up my kidneys so i stopped that last fall.

then in Feb of this year I just couldn't let go of the Iodine thing so I did another test: serum /saliva Iodine to see if your transport is working , mine seemed ok but they also tested serum bromide level. This time it was quite high. OMG was it the bromide all along that created the flu like symptoms?

I have been taking Iodoral at 50-100mg/day since and I have been through some yuck: metal mouth taste, zits, hot flashes, severe anxiety, depression, fatigue, spaciness and more

after 5 months I retested my bromide and it is higher than it was in Feb! My detox symptoms are not as strong, although I seem to be into another wave of metal mouth.
So, just know that this can be a weird ride and it could take awhile. I personally think that your initial positive shifts are a really good sign of what is to come. it almost seems as if there is some lag time when you first start before the bromide/and other sh*t starts coming out.
I also just noticed the very beginnning of my outer 1/3 of my eyebrows filling in a few weeks ago..classic hypothyroid symptom btw. still sketchy but I noticed it ...

I personally am a fan of the weston price foundation and diet stuff they recommend all based on the diets of indigenous peoples. You might check out Sally Fallon's book: Nourishing Traditions.

If you have fillings that are metal colored they have mercury in them. I am also a big fan of getting them out, but that is for another forum: Cutler protocol.

I am also a fan of the testing for Iodine. For me personally knowing my bromide is still high gives my brain something to lean into and keeps me going with the Iodine.
My sis got tested two years ago and her Iodine loading test showed 96% excretion of the 50mg she ingested in 24 hours. I didn't understand the test result then, but now I am educated and know that this is a clear sign she has a transport problem that has to be fixed or she can't use the iodine she takes in.

ok , that is my two cents worth for tonite, hope some of helps some.


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