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Re: Acupuncture Recovery Time by Sherwin ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   8/31/2010 3:14:15 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I'am using acupuncture treatments to, but a special one called: Yuan Acupuncture, and it's very rare, and only done by very comprehensive acupuncturists I think so.

Once a week (sometimes I have a period off, because my therapist is temporary in Thailand or something). And after each 3 treatments it kick's me in a little higher plateau. Sometimes it kicks me in the butt and I have some trouble for 1 or 2 days and then get the relieve.

I'am treated at HOME in my private space, one hour per session (once a week and sometimes off-period) and it only takes ONE NEEDLE for this kind (sometimes two/three in special cases).. and yes it hurts as hell to, sometimes the needle goes for it's whole length in a meridian point and I get electric and painfull shocks from my feet/ankle/knee area to my kidney or liver area.

After that I feel immediately relieve, but it takes a couple of sessions to HOLD / STABILIZE this. Sometimes the problems move, sometimes a bit of the problem resolves in an instance.

I had also extreme chest en throat tension, and after one treatment especially for that 90% to 95% of this feeling was gone for good.

But I see this in a holistic way, not only one thing will help. A combination of factors will help. And if you'r from the HELL stage of AF (like) me, it can take a couple of years. I'am doing everything in a little and moderate way and also that sometimes delays restoration.. but I can live with that. I've to earn some money to pay this, so I have to work... A LITTLE, and have enough rest. As long as there is more healing than degrading, it works.

I'am stabilized to higher plateau after 2 months and that where I am now.. and i'am very grateful for that, I hope I'll get to the steeper recovery curve end of this year (where plateau levelling will be a bit faster that a 1 or 2 month interval)

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