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Re: herpes on my hand?what is that?-pioneer or anyone/EDIT by UserX ..... Ask Dr. Sutter

Date:   9/4/2010 10:15:39 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Xylitol inhibits and kills candida. Use oregano oil or coconut oil. Keep up with dairy case probiotics. Use pau 'd arco for a couple of weeks at a time. B5 to stop acetaldehyde and biotin to keep proliferation down. Use diatomaceous earth to help with the yeast hyphae.

I was so bad off I didn't worry about the apple cider's fructose. I had leaky gut, candida that went thru my whole body 17 years ago. The rash was so bad on my skin it about drove me crazy. No MD would recognize or treat it for what it was. Just anti-fungal creme on my skin for a little while. What good does that do? The problem was liver and colon.

I dealt with a lot of it at the end of this program when my body was getting rid of a lot of dead cells that settled in the pelvic region. I got rid of most of the liver and colon junk first, then it showed up as a problem again. I craved the apple cider for the whole first year and did well on it. It helps the liver.

Get the reason for candida to be there gone. That was a bad colon sitation for me. Sick organs in the rest of the body. A very sick and congested liver. Raise the oxygen levels by cleaning out the body.

Brian Peskin's omegas do this, too. We need the good omegas. Never mind the fish oil. It's a con.

Yeast has to go eventually. So what if it takes a long time to get gone. Most bodies have been sick for a long time. The problem starts in the colon after antibiotics.

I think a lot of people stop the colon cleanse before they should. I've used the #2 formula to pull out toxins in the colon and around it for a long time--1 TBSP in water 2x a day for almost 9 months. A couple of Schulze's #1 capsules a day. Keep going and work on it until it's clean. Not necessarily the whole 50 capsules a day like in the 30 day Schulze colon cleanse for months at a time. Give yourself a rest for a little while, once in a while and let your body catch up.

I've used half apple cider and half distilled water for the flush prep drink. Into that quart, put a half teaspoonfull of malic acid along with the ultraphos if you're early on and your liver is full of stones.

It really made no difference with diet with me. NO table sugar, tho. Carbs turn into sugars. You've got to have some carbs once in a while. The body needs them. I think it thrives best on balanced nutrition--WHEN you're cleaning your body out. I did the complex carbs in the veggie juice.

You're going to have the yeast until the dead cells are cleaned up and your body is clean. That's my opinion. I've been 3 years at this and am watching the candida go--- slowly. I expect to see it all gone when my colon is completely clean and healed.

EDIT: Sorry about getting off track with the candida issue. (I was thinking about another post!) Pffft! It happens!!!

CR8 is very correct in her post above about herpes. Cold feet is also liver, so she's right about doing another flush very soon! Do a flush and your feet warm up because the liver has been opened up.

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