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Re: A Spectroscopic Study of MagNascent Iodine© by jamesp82 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   9/7/2010 8:20:02 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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For whatever it's worth, I have found that nascent Iodine demonstrates a different or electrically charged state when added near a pool of Lugol's. It strongly repels and pools itself away from the Lugol's for a second or two.

In the terms of poisonous halide displacement, I also find that it takes a mere fraction of nascent Iodine throughout the day to equal the effect of Lugol's. No doubt, I get dripping nose and sinuses from too much. However, there is also far less need for selenium and salt detox with nascent.

I believe the real unresolved questions revolve around terms like nascent, monatomic, ionic, nanoparticles, collodial, ormus etc. Pure biochemistry explains a lot, but only of our own dimension and not the scalar state we are trying to enter. Something like monatomic gold/platinum and Iodine is going to intensify the effect of breaking the halide bonds and increasing glandular function far sooner than just plain Lugol's alone.

Don't limit yourself to just understanding iodine's chemistry as the sole player. The transport vehicle and isotope range could be as equally as important.

You also need to explore for yourself how much our adrenals and thyroid interact with one another. How much does DMT plays into the picture of amplifying proper pineal gland function? How decalcification plays an important role in recovery of function. How our pineal gland and basal nuclei interact and benefit from iodine. How much raising voltage plays a part increasing our own overall health.

Edgar Cayce did raise some interesting thoughts on the subject of electrified or atomic iodine, including a need to raise body voltage in general. The modern day version, Dr. Jerry Tennant, has expounded much further with scientific explanations of body voltage. Just the fact that the thyroid is the bodys own voltage regulator and is attracted to iodine of a higher energy. Looking at our bodies as nothing more than crude batteries really help to remove the human mystery that confounds and intimidates us.

I especially trust Bill Deagle's thoughts on the issue for the need for nascent iodine, especially more than some hit-and-run poster "User X." Perhaps he'll come back with a more credible explanation, give us some reasonable food for thought.

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