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How to Cure Cancer Naturally by mo123 ..... Sara’s Soup Kitchen

Date:   9/11/2010 3:58:11 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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How to Cure Cancer:

The first step to curing cancer is to run away from western pharmaceutical medicine. Tell them you have zero money, bankrupt, and their salesmen will go away. You need every organ in your body, do not let them mutilate you. You do not need poison chemotherapy. You do not need damaging radiations. You do not need invasive, painful, cancer biopsies. Geeezzz. Go away quack doctors! Friends and family members who are western pharmaceutical zombies must also be cut off. Kick them out of your life for now. You need to focus on curing yourself right now.

Dr Tullio Simoncini, Hulda Clark, Naturopathy, and Natural Hygiene are all describing cancers from the correct point of view. The way to cure cancer is to combine all their strategies, logic, and procedures.

1. The first to be addressed must be to eliminate all sources of isopropyl alcohol pollution by following Dr. Hulda Clark’s opinion on page 335 of her book Cure for All Diseases. Tear out that page and post it on your refrigerator and bedroom. Isopropyl alcohol is hepato-toxic, toxic to your liver and attracts the parasites to your liver.

2. At the same time, for the colon, find the fastest colon cleanser available to you. In our area we have Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea. A 10 day dose of 1/2 cup each should clear out your colon. And at the same time clean the kidneys with the fastest kidney cleanser like avocado leaves tea every day for 10 days too.

3. At the same time, for the parasites, the intestinal human fluke worm: Get the most powerful zapper you can find and zap the whole day and night with it straight for 2 weeks. Get the most powerful herbal dewormer such as Barefoot Herbalist MH’s dewormer. Barefoot recommends 2 tsp every hour for a total of 10 tsp a day for 2 days. Then every other day for 2 weeks. Then once per week.

4. After the 1 week of the above are done, you can do your first liver flush without the apple juice, to flush out the dead worms in your liver.

During this time, an anti-candida but nutrient filled diet must be administered. 100% RAW food is required. Depending on what you have, choices and condition, you can go raw vegan or add raw animal foods like fertilized egg yolks and raw animal fats. Choose juicing and blendering for quick digestion. Pay special attention to the need for high amounts of plant fats during this healing period.

The patient should be stronger during this time to be able to do number 5.

5. We’ve heard the theories: sugar feeds cancer, cancer is characterized by fungus overgrowth.

Fungus, Candida, Yeast, all the same. Brought about by imbalance of good flora. Most probably good bacteria eliminated by antibiotics and other medication.

The most effective and SYSTEMIC anti-candida, anti-yeast, anti-fungus detox protocol is the virgin coconut oil detox protocol. Bar None so far. VCO detox is fast, safe, and lets food be your medicine. All you need is distilled water, rock salt, lemons, virgin coconut oil. Therefore doing a couple of days of VCO detox should get rid of all yeast, candida, fungus. Repeat your VCO detox every week or so until you get the results you are looking for.

Add an anti-candida diet. Where your fuel source is not starch nor sugars. Your fuel or energy source are fats, not grains. Coconut meat, extra virgin olive oil, raw animal fats, partly cooked animal fats. Some none so sweet fruits. The key word is Raw and partly cooked (never fry, never microwave) Paleolithic Diet.

Supplement your diet with some 4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil everyday. Alternatively you can take caprylic acid supplements.

Grains as an energy source is sugar which directly feeds candida. Fats as an energy source, especially virgin coconut oil feeds humans without feeding candida and at the same time VCO is deadly to candida.

Of course don’t forget to add all the usual detox methods like colon cleanses, kidney cleanse, liver flush, intestinal cleanses, parasite cleanse. Proper drainage. Zero constipation. And the rest of the cure manual recommendations.

Do your pollution avoidance: throw out all your personal care products like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorants, alcohol, etc. Clean your mouth, go to your biodentist and remove all root canalled teeth. Replace mercury fillings with safe material, if you cannot find a biodentist, just extract those mercury laden teeth.

Do your nutritional thing. Do your nurturing thing: sunlight, fresh air, de-stress, etc.

With Natural Hygiene, they want you to correct the mistakes of living. Sure, go fruitarian, stop polluting yourself, clean up your home environment. But unless your body has enough strength in it left, your body cannot clean itself up in the end stages. So the detox protocols have to step in; colon cleansing is step #1. Dr. Hulda Clark documents in detail sources of pollution to eliminate, especially propyl alcohol. Now that the fluke worms have no alcohol to feed on, it is time to kick them out. Kick them out with the best parasite cleanses you can get your hands on: Barefoot Herbalist DeWormer or Humaworm with the added punch of the electronic Zappers. Then nurture yourself as Natural Hygiene and Naturopathy writes in full detail, or if pure fruitarian does not work for you, a raw paleolithic diet by adding raw egg yolks, raw fatty fresh fish or raw organic fatty land animal meats may work for you. It is a judgement call depending on your condition and self experimentation: raw fruitarian (raw vegan) diet does not work for everyone. 100% raw food is required. No cooked grains, no cooked vegetables. You must get enough raw fats (coconut meat, extra virgin olive oil, avocados, lecithin in fruits, raw egg yolks, raw animal fat, etc) in your system.

Congratulations, cancer cured. And it was inexpensive too.

Now wasn’t that easy? The difficulty is in the details of execution and western medical zombie closed mindedness.

Now that you have educated yourself about real health and have acquired a new clean human lifestyle, you will be cured of cancer for the rest of your life.

TO READ THE WHOLE STORY GO TO:  Cure Manual Summary and read the rest of the Cure Manual details.


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