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Re: Pain after liver flush/re-congestion early on by UserX ..... Ask Dr. Sutter

Date:   9/19/2010 6:48:36 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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HI, Read this over again and wanted to give you some more information.

The liver may not DE-congest for very long when you're early on in this program. You may have to do several flushes before it starts to DE-congest for any period of time. I got only about 15 minutes or so early on before my liver hurt again. There's a lot of brain fog and a lot of pain in the beginning if your liver is bad and full of junk. Don't be afraid to do the flushes close together if you have to. You'll begin to have more comfort between flushes as time goes on.

Also, if it's hard to lie on your right side because your liver hurts, use the castor oil pack.

There's also an exercise Doc gave me that I've posted several times on this forum.

Lie on your left side. Massage gently over your liver, then put your right arm up over your head for a few seconds. That helps empty the liver. Do it several times and see if you get any relief. You're going to have to do quite a few flushes before you get much relief, but the castor oil packs and the Barefoot's liver/gallbladder formula will keep you fairly comfortable until you get a ways further on and get a lot more junk out of your liver.

Don't give up, just keep on flushing when you feel that fist at the end of your R ribcage. Because your bile duct may get sore from doing a lot of liver flushes, use the castor oil pack for that, too. It helps tremendously. Put it on and leave it there all night. Put a heating pad over it and protect your clothing and bedding with plastic bags. It won't always be this hard. Just stick with it.

Just keep going. You WILL begin to feel some relief between flushes after a while.

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