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Blood Electrification current density in the artery by jaguar57 ..... Dr. Bob Beck Forum

Date:   9/24/2010 12:45:36 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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The original research with doctors Kaali and Lymann showed that 100µA (.1Ma) was applied to electrodes with a surface area of 13.3 square millimeters. That resulted in 99% less infected & enlarged T cells (syncytia) by viruses after 4 days compared to T cells mixed with HIV-1 not electrically treated. 100uA across those electrodes equates to 7.7uA (.0077mA) per square millimeter. So to equate that current density (the most important parameter) through blood in your arms brachial artery (from elbow to elbow) that has an average area of 16 square mm you need to multiply 16 by 7.7 to get 124uA (.124mA). (Very close to the .130uA that turns on the current light on my Microbe Electrifier!)
Brachial Artery Cross-Sectional Area and Distensibility Before and After Arteriolar Vasodilatation in Men with Sustained Essential Hypertension
Kaali patent 5,139,684 


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