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Re: Liver Cleaning by UserX ..... Ask Dr. Sutter

Date:   9/28/2010 10:51:29 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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How do you do a liver flush every day? Stay on the Ultraphos apple cider prep drink.

How do you know if you are done the liver flushes?

When your liver doesn't want to dump any more stuff either from your liver or the rest of your body.

Your blood picks up junk from the rest of your body. From the the tissues, blood and lymph -- from all parts of your body when your liver is about emptied out. It picks up lymph junk because the liver filters the lymph. It all comes down thru the liver. Flush it out.

OOOPS!! Hey, the big old gray stones may surprise you. They like to hide in the far inner parts of your liver lobes. They're there because you may have been poisoned and parastied early in life. Once and a while they start trickling down to the bottom of your liver and have to be flushed out. You never know they're there until they do. Then, all of a sudden one day you feel that stone that has been hiding moving.

The bug eggs hide everywhere. Stay on a systemic dewormer maintenance-wise. We may get more parasites and stones if we don't keep up with the bug killer, then we have to do another liver flush to get rid of them. The liver WILL passs junk on it's own after a while, but some stuff may be too big and have to be flushed out.

Liver flushes won't hurt you. They are one of your keys to staying healthy. Initially, they are what save your life if you're real sick to start with. If your liver isn't working, you're dead. Plain and simple. Before that, you may be badly constipated (diarrhea, too, which can be a form of constipation) for what may be a long time because it's not producing enough bile for your food to digest due to bad liver problems.

We are faced with all kinds of poisons every day. Some that are hard to avoid. We may get re-infested with parasites, so that's why the systemic parasite killer maintenance product. That's why the maintenance liver flushes for life.

Will anything that dissolves stones in the liver flush out parasties? I don't know. Doc may be able to tell you better about the answer to this. Otherwise, flush it out.

The Natural Healing Paradigm is a program you only have to do once in a lifetime. We live in a nasty, bug-ridden world. Stay up with the maintenance. Make sense?

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