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Re: It's been a long time by Bgone ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   10/2/2010 1:20:19 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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You were born with this problem for a reason. If you end you life, not only will you reincarnate into the next with the same condition, you may be also born with mental deficiencies. Many people with downs syndrome are returning suicides.

Many suggestions of the poster above are good ones. It is likely that you have a yeast/heavy metal/ parasite issue. Take time to chelate heavy metals, clear your liver, bowels, and kidneys, AVOID SIMPLE CARBS/SUGAR FOR AT LEAST THREE MONTHS, get rid of the candida and parasites, and rebuild your gut. Have you not tried to go to a good naturopath for his guidance?

Suicide would be the easy way out, I know. I can also say I know EXACTLY how you feel. Guess what? I'm going through the same exact thing. Fecal odor. I'm 19 years old, still go to school, have a girl friend, yes I have a girl friend smelling like s#!t. You know why? I forget about the odor and let my personality and true self sign through. Your letting your odor define your whole being, your letting it control who you are, and that's why you are getting no where. You say that your a hippie. You need to strengthen your love for nature and connect with it. Forget about humans and their intentions, we are by far the meanest species of them all. Know that there is something higher and more powerful than us, who created something out of nothing, and created your life and soul. No other human should have control over YOUR life and soul.

The first thing I would recommend you do right now is change your perception. Second go and rent the movie "the secret" this is what the most powerful people on the planet use to achieve their goals. Third FIND THE BEST NATUROPATH IN YOUR AREA and go to him, he will end this for you once and for all.

I know we can fix this, anything is fixable if you know how. You can't change your own oil can you? For a mechanic this is cake. You can't fix yourself obviously, for a naturopath this is cake.

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