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Date:   11/18/2010 7:40:31 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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According to the calendar, I should ovulate today. And from the research I've done online, the falling estrogen levels after ovulation can easily trigger various hormonal symptoms. Since my main hormonal symptom is anxiety, I am not a happy camper right now.

I'm thinking I might have ovulated yesterday (I've never known to pay attention for the pain before, although I had a stabbing pain in my right side in the wee hours this morning that MAY have been it) or at least, at some point before now, because my anxiety is back full force, and of course compounded by my post-Mirena issues.

I have actually kicked myself out of ketosis (which I was doing for both health and weight loss), I am so upset. What has me so upset? Dryness.

I've been drinking absurd amounts of water for the past couple of weeks as the air has dried out considerably in my part of the country (Tennessee). Last night I drank ALMOST A GALLON, just overnight! This I do to keep my asthma symptoms at bay, and also to prevent bladder pain, as when I let myself get too dehydrated the extra protein/acid load on my body causes bladder inflammation. I'm betting that the dryness I've had all over my body is also affecting the mucous membrane of my bladder, so this happens even more easily now.

You can bet that I have to get up to let all that water out of me as well, so my sleep quality is going downhill rapidly as well, right at a time when I need it to be better...not worse!

I kicked myself out of ketosis because I am well aware of the possibility of hyponatremia from excess water intake. I also suspect all this excess dryness is causing my tinnitus, though it will probably be a few days before I see any real changes. I expect to be disappointed by my scale, but at this point I'd rather stay alive than lose weight. Yes, I realize my anxiety is probably coloring some of this, but I have never been one to take unnecessary chances, least of all with my health.

Has anyone else done low carb while recovering from Mirena? Have you had any of these kinds of symptoms? I think one of the things I need more than anything right now is encouragement. :(

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