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Effective antifungals. by dvjorge ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   11/30/2010 8:31:00 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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We aren't only be supported by the medical field with this syndrome , but we are paying the highest price. The Antibiotics we have taken prescribed by our Drs are the biggest culprit in causing an intestinal fungal overgrowth. There isn't doubt about the Antibiotics as a trigger to a fungal overgrowth. Since most of the medical community don't accept this syndrome, the pharma industry doesn't develop any antifungal drug to target the intestines. Current oral antifungals are Fungistatic against most candida species, so they inhibit but don't kill the fungus. Since some time, the pharma labs developed another kind of antifungals that target the Glucan part of the fungal's wall. These are the Echinocandins. These antifungals are Fungicidals against most candida species ( kill ) and are almost no toxic to the human cells since our cells don't have Glucan. Unfortunately, the intestinal fungal overgrowth isn't recognized and the Echinocandins could be the dreamed antifungals for us. You may think why I am writing it, and the reason is I found an article that says the pharma industry hasn't developed any oral Echinocandins because they are poorly absorbed by the intestinal lining. Since they only think about systemic effects and are looking for antifungals that get the bloodstream, they aren't in terested in developing oral non-systemic versions and only IV. Think about an antifungal that kills the fungus in the gut, that isn't absorbed by the intestinal lining ( that is the most important for us ) and be almost no toxic for us. Having it availables in an oral version may cure our candida in a matter of days.

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