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Re: Fungal sinus infection remedy? by Hveragerthi ..... Home Remedies Forum

Date:   12/2/2010 1:08:33 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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 Scared to ever take an antibiotic after the clindomyacin made the inside of my mouth and throat feel like the mucus had come alive and was gonna crawl out my mouth any minute, and the skin crawling was horrifying..Couldnt sleep for two nights after one dose!!

Sounds like you were allergic to the antibiotic.

I am new to the whole "natural" healing process and honestly never ever thought I would give up my mountain dew, sugar, and little debbie cakes!

The Mountain Dew in particular would increase your allergies due to the high level of caffeine.  Caffeine puts the adrenals in to overtime working causing them to get tired and weaken.  This leads to allergies among other things:

I just keep telling myself that there must be a reason all this has happened..Like I am being prepared for well, who knows what..But I do no one thing..I'd rather be edjucated than medicated any day!! I read your post about acidoph...and would like to know what you think of the C.Silver some use for sinus issues??

I have never been a big fan of silver.  Most of the products on the market contain very little silver and/or are not true colloids.  And the machines with the three 9V batteries DO NOT form true colloids, which is why they form a gray mud on the container bottom after sitting for a while.  So the only way I would use silver is if I made my own colloidal silver.  And even with that the last time I did this was about 14 years ago when I cut the about half of my last digit of my thumb off with a table saw.  A doctor friend had told me about silver impregnated nylon being used to heal amputated parts.  The silver is driven in to the tissues with electrical currents.  He only had a small sample though so I improvised.  First I made a really strong colloidal silver solution that I soaked the stub in first.  Then based on some research I heard from some other friends using high voltage and argon to regenerate tissue I used a 15KV transformer hooked up to a neon photospectrometer tube.  After soaking the stub in the colloidal silver solution I would turn the transformer and put the stub up to the neon tube with the high voltage running through it, which killed the pain and helped drive the silver in to the tissues.  It took 6 months, but I was able to grow the whole end of the thumb back.  That was the last time I used the silver though.  I prefer herbs and ozone to silver.

Oh and Lugol's iodine?? any thoughts thanks

Again not a big fan of Lugol's.  I know a lot of people on CZ love it, but it does come with risks.  Especially for people that also have Hashimoto's thyroidosis, since excess iodine can aggravate this condition.

In addition both silver and iodine will kill off the good bacteria that inhabit the sinus cavity that help to control pathogens.


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