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Acknowledging the small changes by cougar ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   1/4/2011 5:53:05 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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It amazes sometimes when I get so focused on the Big changes that I forget to acknowledge the small changes.....

I am working with a Naturopathic chiropractor long distance and I did yet another stool test, this time a new buggie came up: Clostridium Difficile.
She was all excited to have me try a product called Biocidin. it is a liquid herbal extract ....bug killer

after 3 one ounce bottles I started getting constipated, this has not been a problem for a long time, I have the other.

For years I have been able to tolerate about 1g of vitamin C (ascorbic acid powder, not buffered) and 50-100mg magnesium. Otherwise the stools get quite loose.

since I was constipated I figured what the hell i started upping the Mag and the C
this past week I have been doing 4g of C and 300mg of magnesium........OMFG (feel free to make up you own translation on that)!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't say I have seen anything shift with this yet, but I considering how mag defficient I probably am, (i have bone scans showing osteoporosis from 6 years ago and I am a 46 year old man) I get it could take awhile to reverse that trend.

I think I am seeing a little more improvement in the outer 1/3 eyebrows lately too.

So instead on sitting in my victimness, and not letting myself be happy until I start gaining weight, I thought, why not the celebrate the little changes, which I know are actually pretty huge!

btw, I am about to do my fifth Liver Flush (started in November) which I have the Iodine to thank for initiating that endeavor. Trappers SSKI and 2% created quite a bit of tension in kidney/adrenal area and in the GBladder area. It got so bad I knew I had to do a flush. And finding the Liver Flush area on curezone informed me to realize that one flush is usually nothing, the power is in doing a number of them.

I also got some water kefir grains from a friend and I started making young coconut water kefir.....that feels really good.

So I am 11 months into this I journey, not counting my false start 2 summers ago when after two weeks of feeling great, I started feeling like I was getting sick and I yo-yoed with taking Iodine and stopping and didn't educate myself enough to stay the course and I went off to explore CS for awhile. That did show me that I have some pathogens that need some attention....and still do. But here I am back again with beautiful violet I.

anyway, happy to celebrate some changes with a beautiful group of lovelies that are lighting my path!

Thank you to all!


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