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Re: Large worms in my shoulder/chest by MH ..... Ask Dr. Sutter

Date:   1/22/2011 9:05:29 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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That de-wormer special does still exist, those that read the newsletters know about it and has been there for about a year now. Please read the newsletter first, so you understand the kids special. Also, I highly suggest reading the 1/1/2011 first newsletter for this year, it covers most of what I have to say about the many dewormer formulas I have made in the past few years.

The new one, I call P/W elimination may possible be the greatest herbal powder formula every created and is based on a very potent adult dewormer method. So far, 2-4 capsules is a pretty good dose and the formula mimmics the lower bowel balance formula, kidney formulas, calcium/mineral formulas, etc....all wrapped up in 1 herbal powder as the 1 and only TRUE herbal de-wormer in powder form that exist, because I have never believed anyone has made a de-wormer in capsule that was worth trying. This formula not only is a very potent de-wormer, it should have a permanent shelf life. The only problem as explained in the newsletter is that I can never have this powder commercially put into capsules, simply because commercial encapsulators must dry/grind and make the powder very 'dry" bfore they can put it in their auto mated machines and my powder formula has such a super powerful aroma, no commercail source would touch it, simply because they could never cleanse thir machine 100% of the potent this formula will only be sold 1# at a time and must be put in capsules at the consumers home....IT NEVER can be consumed outside a capsule, again, because the herbs would be too potent to touch the tender throat, same as the LBB powder should never touch the throat. This is all explained well in the newsletter. In the next 30 days or so, i will be making the adult dewormer BASE formula again, from scratch about 80% stronger than anything I have written in any file and this will transfer into the P/W Elimination formula next time it is made, hopefully then that will be the permanent formula for ever, because I can not imagine it needing anything else.

Beyond that, I personally believe 100% in treating the human body while we sleep, via the air we breathe....I have done this for 2 years to our home, while we all sleep and I am very impressed, so much, that I am building a special building where I can sleep, while experimenting with differant herbs and minerals in the air I breathe....since I discovered a method that allows herbs to be accepted direct through the skin and lungs and I have felt herbs enter the lungs, go up the neck, accross the brain all within 15 seconds and if you read the herbal spray testimonies and more importantly a u-tube I made
about my local friend DEAN, you will hear about how such air methods can erase pains that have crippled people for well over 30 years, because the herbs/minerals enter the brain and relax thepart of the brain that created the pains and once relaxed, they are erased and the phantom pains gone.....I am not good with the computer and had to pay a local kid to put the u-tube on the internet for me, never have figured out how to paste the thing onto my website, etc....

I have studied parasites for a long time and am not limited in any manner, I am open to everything and this has lead me to 100% make a variety of herbal formulas that have lead to believing the best method, may be to sleep in a room where every breathe is treated with herbs, so that every cell in the entire human body, is treated while we sleep. My kids , wife, etc. don't smell these herbs anymore, we have used them so long, they are just considered "normal" to the nose.

Getting rid of worms has never been written proper about, by any author I have ever read of, they all just keep passing the same beliefs around.....all trying to make a buck $$$$

Worms is a very serious subject and every de-wormer formula / method had better be good enough to control lymes/syhilis, if not, it is a worthless formula in my opinion and if you look around, I believe I am the only person on earth, truely taking the subject serious, simply because I use herbs and natural methods to save my own life, if I don't learn, then I will just be another looser.

I always seek to make it EASIER...that is what I was known for in the factory I worked at for 29 years, I took every job and made it EASIER.....I seek to do the same with herbs and health......I am by no means finished, alot to learn, I do believe each year, it does in fact become easier...each method makes it EASIER, I just don't have the time and resources to make it so others understand it all. I make it easier every year, which makes the formulas in a constant state of CHANGE, while I do believe that I have everything that I will ever need and now only need the time to finish the final de-wormer formula in 2011. Deciding on which method will be the choice.....capsules? syrup? tinctures? sprays? or a combination that proves out over time to be the absolute best...I can tell you now, I am sold on breathing my way to health / youth......I am the only one that I have ever heard of, that is experimenting with methods that should be the cure for all, if it works out to theory. Breathing and spraying of the skin will be the most potent methods from what I hav learned so far.....2 methods anyone can do, or can be done to them while they sleep and they don't even know it.

If you will watch the DEAN u-tube, it is a true example of just the tip of the iceburg that I have stumbled into over the past few years. ANYONE that ever believed they had a bad back, owes it to them selves to watch and see/listen to DEANS STORY, I have known DEAN for 35+ years and new him well when he hit a dump truck on his 750 honda motorcycle, was thrown over the truck, onto the state highway and was hit by a car going 55 mph and dragged down the roadm, ripping his lower back out, allowing his kidneys to be exposed, etc.....

Seeing DEAN become pain free in 2 minutes, after being crippled for over 30 years in great pains, started my journey into the use of herbs by breathing.....hering how people in wheelchairs could stand and walk after 2 minutes of breathing in simple herbs/minerals made me rethink my entire herbal education and conclude, very little has ever been known about herbs that can enter the blood direct, a method I discovered that is leading to the greatest dewormer method ever once I get the final formulas completed and experimented on myself this spring if all goes to plan.

Dr. Alex Carrol 100% believed our health is no better than our last breath and i too 100% beliveve that and believe I can deworm ever cell in the entire body based on that theory.

Take all the de-wormer formulas you can find on this planet and all of them together will not come close to comparison, because none of those that make them, have a clue about how the human body lives or what enables us to have life and more importantly, how we must maintain proper balance with bacteria............I study it, because i want to live...too mny people younger than I am, are filling the grave yards and no one in medical cares less. I know of no MD or hospital in america that I can go to for help, I don't trust any of them, been through too much, learned to much to every trust any of them. We must learn to care for our own health.



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