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Re: Magnesium deficiency and imbalances by UserX ..... Ask Dr. Sutter

Date:   2/6/2011 12:24:57 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Look up the symptoms of spinal stenosis. It's a structural problem that happens OVER YEARS-- WHEN the body is full of toxins, and is also a result of years of wear and tear on the joints and YEARS of inability to absorb proper nutrients. Once the body is clean, it doesn't take long to rebuild it. Bone and cartilage take longer. Sometimes intervention is needed for nerves that are pinched coming out of the spine.

I've been hiking continuously throughout the program and been doing many outside activities quite comfortably. There are times when anyone feels very tired from the toxins while going thru this program and you need the extra rest. AT times I have had to rest for a couple of weeks at a time. Rest, then do some outdoors activity, when you can. Ecercise is part of this program and changes the whole recovery picture. Make some time for it. It will stimulate your appetite and help the colon to work right. It speeds up healing, helps digestion and circulation and helps to get rid of toxins. Deep breathing helps oxygenate the blood.

What happens over time BEFORE the body is cleaned out may fit this description, but as the body cleans out and is fed some replacement nutrients and good food and exercised, it doesn't take long for the deficiencies to be corrected. Take the supplements ONLY until the deficiencies are corrected, then maintain a good diet. A clean digestive system (colon) will allow the body to absorb the necessary nutrients. When the cells are clean, toxins can easily come out and nutrients are easily used to regenerate the cells. YOur body knows what to do with good food.

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