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Re: lecithin reaction by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   2/10/2011 5:33:58 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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 i am diagnosed with schizophrenia; anxiety, voices, delusions and paranoia, if those are other symptoms that could indicate any other possibilities.

i noticed that my schizophrenia symptoms were aggravated by the taking of lecithin despite my body's craving for it.

i also read your brain is primarily lecithin and having schizophrenia, i thought "well replace the brain with what its made of it has the ability to heal" something along those lines.

also i am on antipsychotics and i have read that lecithin is good for the treatment of tardive dyskinesea, something i am afraid of developing. so that was another reason i wanted to take it.

maybe by cleansing my liver with the bitters i eventually will be able to start taking lecithin as i have a 2lb tub of it.

by the way thanks for taking your time to respond to my posts. its greatly appreciated! :)

I have recommended GABA for people with schizophrenia in the past and they got wonderful results with it.  But glycine is easier to absorb and still raises GABA levels.  You might want to consider giving glycine a try for a lot of your issues.  It could help with the TD as well.  Recommended dose would be 1,000mg three times daily at least 30 minutes before meals.

I am still not sure what is causing your reaction, but if it neurological then the glycine may be able to help control this as well.

Schizophrenia has been linked to high dopamine levels.  A simple way to antagonize dopamine is by increasing oxytocin levels.  There are only a few herbs that can do this and the best, cotton root bark, is really hard to obtain.  So you can try other ways to increase oxytocin such as skin stimulation by touch, nipple stimulation and sexua| stimulation.  Beats drugs.



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