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Re: This monster doesn't want to go... by dvjorge ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/11/2011 2:43:13 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Candida Related Complex is a theory which many famous Drs such as Leo Galland, Sherry Rogers, Sydney M Baker, Walt Stoll, John P. Trowbridge, Carolyn Dean, Michael Mc Nett, Zoltan Rona, etc believe in. To understand why there aren't available tests to prove an intestinal overgrowth you need to study this pathogen. Free yeasts are detectable in stool samples, but the pathogenic form of candida (mycelia, germ tubes) create colonies (biofilms) and penetrate the tissues. This form isn't floating in the mucus layer that cover the intestinal ephitelium, insted it is secured to our tissues. The best test available to diagnose it is the response to anti-candida program. So, you ask me I need to have a clinical test to prove I am suffering this syndrome. Well, I will tell you I was totally healthy before to take Levofloxacin for a month. I was given it by mistake to treat a " bacterial" prostatitis that never was a bacteria. After that, I developed many gastrointestinal symptoms that never had in my life. I also got hyperthyroidism, low body temperature, a totally white tongue, a many other symptoms described by the researchers who discovered it. So, I am totally convinced this is real. Moreover, my response to antigungal therapy shows me it is what is causing my problems. I have been almost totally well two times but when I try to leave the antifungals and open my diet, it come back. Now, you can figure out why I am complaining. Even with all this, I have dedicated many but many hours to study it buying books, writing to Mds, researching the web, etc. I think there isn't place about candida, medical or not, I have not read. There is a website that the owner keeps a data base with more than 1000 cases for more than 20 years. Everybody is in the same boat, fighting and fighting without to end or reach a cure. You don't have any idea how much I have read and studied it. I am the only one who knows it. The reason of it is trying to find a cure for me which hasn't be possible yet. Do you think a powerful antifungal therapy can end with it ?? Well, I thought the same but unfortunately it wasn't possible for me. I took a very strong antifungal combination trying to get fungicidal effects without a gold goal. Nystatin powder refrigerated, Amphotericin B capsules, Fluconazole, Lamisil, Lufenuron, Lactoferrin, SF-722, and GSE. All of them at the same time for more than 3 months and high doses ( last time ) without a cure. Yes, I got better but when I began to eat, the symptoms come back. I understand there aren't fungicidal antifungals to end with this infection and think this is the BIGGEST problem. No matter what you do, one time candida has mutated to fungus in an intestinal section that allow it, there is nothing to end with it. Not the esophagus. Listen, my other fungals problem were eliminated with the antifungals in spite of the fungistatic effects but the intestines are another history. I can not think of any other cause because I respond to an antifungal program but I can not end with it totally. This what I am reporting is what everybody reports. Everybody gets better but when you end and come back to your life, the problem come back. As you may realize, I need to eat and have a normal life. I am not talking about to eat tons of Sugar and carbohydrates but "normal" Anyway, I think if this syndrome has a cure, you should be able to eat whatever you want, like I did all my life, without any concern.

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