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Re: Multiple Sclerosis/Autoimmune by patientadvocate ..... Autoimmune Diseases Forum

Date:   2/24/2011 10:52:00 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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What do you mean by undiagnosed?

I have posted anti viral protocol on this site, I will search my articles, or you can too by clicking my user name.

The real issue is that these alternative sites leads to a very amateur approach as people start taking stuff out of desperation.

As per my recommendations, those viral screens need to be done. It makes no sense to start throwing stuff at any disorder without first proving a viral relationship.

No doctor does this unless he is on an HMO or is a bad doctor.

Giving wrong medication, wrong protocol can be disasterous in a neurological sense, causing permanent nerve damage, kidney failure, and ultimately exacerbation of disease.

If you think you have a viral link to your symptoms confirm it. Dont be guessing and reaching out of desperation.

You don't know me from Adam! I could be some crazy quack.
If you don't have insurance we can get you help nonetheless.

Once you confirm a high anti body titer then you know what you are dealing with. It would be a shame to treat a virus if you have metal toxicity or lyme disease.

Ask your doctor to test for those viruses I have named, ask him to test for lyme disease.

When you get the results you can reach me here or on my information web site.

If you have a high viral antibody titer then we can go to work and start titrating your ascorbates, anti virals upward.

I have seen over and over, people doing as much harm to themselves off of cancertutor, curezone, earthclinic because they thought they were dealing with one thing and actually were suffering from something complete different.

I have one prostate client who was booking a trip to Germany to treat prostate cancer because he was convinced he had prostate cancer,...instead we did some diagnostics, and no cancer was found,...he was going to drop about 10K to treat a cancer he didn't have.

So if you are suffering from something,...let's find out what that something is so treatments are not trial and error because the error part can be catostrophic.

Again,...what do you mean by undiagnosed?


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