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Re: Possibly mercury toxic? by cougar ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   2/25/2011 12:21:07 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I just read through all your posts and without going back to read them again let me just ask:

1 Do you still have fillings? I think you still do. If they are metallic looking they have mercury in them. Period.

look at the link from Zlatin on Andy Cutlers protocol.

You want to take DMSA only initially once your fillings are out.
After you are on DMSA for 4-6 months or so then you can think about ALA. You have to get your body burden down with the DMSA before you take the ALA because it will mobilize mercury into the area of lower concentration....and you want that to be your body not your brain.

If you can afford $90 to do a hair test you might consider doing one as a baseline.
Hair Elements Test. Andy has a special way to read the hair test called the Counting Rules.

so glad you are feeling somewhat better.

2. Do you have any sense of reacting to cruciferous veggies? Cabbage, broccoli, kale, family of veggies....
also eggs or dairy? these are all high sulfur containing foods, which means they are high in cysteine. Many mercury toxic people (I am one of them) get their cystein enzyme f'ed up and the cysteine builds up in their system and causes problems.....I just tried eating eggs again recently and I still get Diarrhea. If you are having any of these reaction stop taking your Cysteine.

according to Andy if we get the mercury out we still can heal really well.

3. Are you taking almost 3g of SSKI ? If that is correct be grateful dude, my kidneys are so calcified or something that if I take too much my back goes out.

Exciting that you can be off the inhaler with the fluoride in it. Congratulations!!!!

When I read about all the skin stuff I wonder about your liver. There are different opinions about liver flushes. I just did my eighth flush last weekend. I can't claim any huge changes yet, but I plan to do them for awhile. The Iodine actually brought me to doing them. I started having all kiinds of pressure in my gall bladder area and was getting intense and I got scared. My hands are not as dry and my stools are not as light colored so I am assuming my bile is flowing better. So for now, these make sense to do for awhile and make sure my liver can detox itself.
I have wondered if the reason my chelation has been slow in making improvements for is the my liver and kidneys have been sooooooo challenged for soooooo long.

My colon therapist is doing liverflushes after she chelates because she has had such strong reactions to the chelation.

ok, i will stop myself before I ramble


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