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Re: Aging puffy face, Eye bags, Pale fingernails. what does this mean?? by aman2010 ..... Hypothyroid & Wilsonís Disease

Date:   3/8/2011 4:43:21 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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No Ive never been exposed to any major radiation at all. Except x-rays twice when I was about 7... ages ago. 19 now.

The radiation they are claiming is affecting me is electronic radiation from things like, Mobile Phones, My PC, computer monitor. They said I must have been spending A lot of time near these things.. Which is true but everybody else I know is fine.. So im thinking is it really affecting me or are they just throwing out random reasons for my symptoms? Also Ive been using microwaves a few times a week too, So I dunno.

"Black walnut is usually used for parasite control. I have never heard of it's use in radiation insults." - Yeh thats what I was thinking... So I wonder if they they were Just chattin crap?

The magnesium Oil I use:

" Ingredients: Supersaturated concentration of ancient Zechstien seabed mineral deposits. Contains 31% magnesium chloride.

10 daily sprays is equivalent to 180mg of pure, natural and absorbable elemental magnesium. "

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