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Doc Sutter by MH by MH ..... Ask Dr. Sutter

Date:   4/13/2011 10:59:15 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hey Doc,
I found your book tonight, the one you sent last June! The girls lay the mail on my desk and often in a box and when not brought to my attention can be burried quickly.......tonight I was searching for some reading material, going through some boxes and found a treat...your book and kind letter!

You mentioned in your letter that I might not agree with all the book, etc.....I was very pleased to see your pro distilled water...otherwise, when an author is anti-distilled water, I pitch their book.

Otherwise, the only things I could have lived with out was the 2-3 bad words, not that they bother me, but those I suggest to read your book may find offense.....but being adult, sure they can get over it, since you didn't use the 4 lette words in a bad way...

The book was a quick read for me, simply because I have belived in chiropractor for 35 years and also read the same authors that you like, etc.....being a chiropractor lends some credit to your book, so I suggest it as a GOOD READ.....

Keep in mind, even though you still like the shulse colon formulas, I can makethose as easily as any other and still choose not to....just saying. What I have done is make an all purpose Lower Bowel Formula, with all of the Christopher heart/liver/pancreas/kidney/hormone/calcium/iron/prostrate formulas in a super potent de-wormer formula that would be too strong in strong, so far, 2-4 capsules daily is all that is needed....I made the formula for myself, because I get tired of taste and so many differant formulas and wanted one all purpose capsule as a daily year around for life formula....I made it extreme potent, so I suggest it is only for men past age 40. The side effects when taken past 4 capsules per day for some has been expeling of puss from the body, it starts to ooze out of the joints of the entire body or with the last 2 men, puss exited their armpits and crotch I keep suggesting 2-4 daily and not 8 daily until someone has taken it for a month or more.....The formula has at least 30 of the most potent anti-parasite/worm herbs from around the globe, plus probably that many more of the dr. christopher favorate herbs, making it a bit of a nightmare to make and impossible to have put in capsules, so the end consumer has to put it in capsules...never would anyone take it by the powder, because the herbs would eb too bitter for any throat to tolerate, so we only sell it with 1,000 empty capsule as part of a kit. I think as de-wormer all purpose daily capsule, I believe you would find it 8x more potent than the normal liquid de-wormer you have liked for so long..

that and I made a huge batch of this new formula for some reason.....not sure really why, because no one to date has tried it and after reading your book and your first book, I was thinking as I read your book tonight, I think the formula would be great for anyone back from war, back from torment or too much stress in life, those that have panic attacks or depression in general for any reason....I call the formula MIND over MATTER, it is a collection of all the best historical used herbs for depression, bi-polar and just plain help for coping in of the ingredients naturally is st. johns wort that grows all over my property and I had been collected it for years and never had a use for it and finally I decided to make a full blown out formula based on Christophers mind trac and the best bi-polar herb formulas...will it do anything? Have no clue other than it surely can do no harm, just all simple herbs in a ric mineral base.....If anything, most all adults by age 30 can use help coping with all the crap we get ourselves into.....if you should ever want a sample package of these 2 products, drop me an e-mail and I will have Jody send you a box to play with..

Otherwise I reccomend your book, the only 1 line I could argue is the part that our teeth are designed to eat meat, while I would argue medical proved we have fruit eating teeth and fruit eating stomach and intestines from a huge smithsonian institute study when they lined up all the skulls, teeth, stomach /intestines of all mammal species long before any of us were ever born and they claimed we are 100% fruit eaters.....the meat eaters have teeth designed to RIP MEAT, while no mammal on earth "CHEWS" up meat, they rip and swallow and the birds of prey just rip and swallow whole...but the meat eating teeth theory would make all humns feel good, so no damage done and I do 100% believe the vegetarians just eat worm eggs and vegetables are not a human food, kids must be forced to adapt to eating cooked and sweetened vegetables before they take it up as a "habit" actually, I have no real complaints with your book, unless the reader does not realize Clark, Hoxie/Christopher are dead and only shulse is alive as far as I know of, so at the end of your book, these past healers books are helping people....and this is why people should write their books and pass on what they have learned to believe to be GOOD!

Your book keeps it simple, WEED & FEED, naturally we herbalist are trained to make a herbal formula for every conceivable symptom, so not unusual to see an old herbalist make over 100 herbal formulas......I personally believe herbs that dissolve rock and herbs that kill the 20,000+ known parasites are the herbs that help us will read my latest version of that in the May amish newsletter that I also printed your letter to the amish.

Many Blessings

Sorry it took me so long to read your book..


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