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Re: Hashimoto's Antibodies/Infections by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   4/18/2011 9:09:42 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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 I have Hashimoto's and have a staph infection as well as chlamydia pneumonia. I've been taking the pau d arco/chaparral/andrographis mix for 9 months. I also took the horseradish/thyme/chaparral mix with eucalyptus oil for 14 days the first round and a month later for 12 days. In the past 4 months, however, my antibodies have only gone down by 110 for my thyroglobulin and 100 for my thyroid peroxidase antibodies. I'm now at 1736 for the first and 313 for the second. I am disappointed, as I thought that given that amount of time (9 months) they would be nearly gone. What else can help me get rid of these infections so my antibodies go down?

Antibodies to a pathogen still remain for quite a while after an infection is completely gone, and they gradually decline over time.  The fact that your levels are dropping is a good sign that the infection is likely gone.

I've been working on my adrenals for the same amount of time and am down to 1 mg of HC. How quickly should I expect the antibodies to go down?

There is no specific time since each person's system is different and there are various factors governing the immune system such as the adrenal dysfunction from the long term use of the hydrocortisone.  And subsequent exposure to the same or similar pathogen can also stimulate antibody responses even without infection.

I don't have access to ozone. Should I double up the pau d arco mix or take a break from that and try something else?

Again the infection is most likely gone already and your antibody levels are naturally declining slowly as normal.  Also keep in mind that some antibody levels can remain elevated throughout life despite successful treatment of some infections, such as IgG antibodies in Lyme's disease.


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