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Re: Update almost 3 months post by Bass81 ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   5/3/2011 7:09:10 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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As late as last summer, over a year post-removal, I was having new symptoms that would last a month or so and then disappear. The scariest one was actually last August, when, for about a month I had a sensation of tingling (almost like light fabric tickling, or water running) on my left foot. If it had persisted any longer I would have gone for an MRI.

I thought my problems were many different things for a long while, but now am convinced that it all was Mirena. Doctors even diagnosed me with Lyme disease. I wanted to treat it, but the medicine was so toxic and the special doctor so expensive that I decided to wait to treat it. All of my "Lyme" symptoms have gotten better without treatment, which would not have happened if I did actually have Lyme disease.

I have also been diagnosed and treated for too many intestinal parasites and infections to count. However, my stomach never felt any better after pharmaceutical treatments, and felt 50% better immediately after starting progesterone cream. (I also had horrible side effects with the cream, so use with caution). Which points to hormones being the issue with my digestion and not infection.

I also was diagnosed with food intolerances . While I do think it's important not to stress out your body with bad food, a restrictive diet did not improve my digestion. My digestion has, however, improved with time, and continues to improve even when I cheat and eat foods that I tested positive for. It got better when Mirena was removed, and continues to get better over time.

I also have been tested for many, many autoimmune conditions -- every test negative. I don't have any vitamin deficiencies except for a very common deficieny in Vitamin D, and I take B12 just in case. My thyroid is okay, too.

The only test that has been really definitivly wrong for me has been a saliva hormone test, and the only things that have helped my symptoms have been the natural rebalancing of my hormones over time, helped by diet and exercise.

I wouldn't be too concerned you are still feeling bad after 3 months. I totally believe this junk can take years to get out of our systems. I understand the urge to get tested for things, if only for peace of mind, but time has shown me that ultimately, all of my problems can be blamed on hormones and the Mirena.

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