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Re: Question about bromine/bromide in sea salt by cougar ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   5/26/2011 10:19:16 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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My Two Cents:

My work is osteopathic bodywork. I get to see the people who don't get fixed by chiro massage rolfing PT etc and often I can fix them. I work on organs, arteries nerves, bones, ligaments, cranium and what is inside the head and more.

Beautiful work

I don't know where you live and if there is anyone good near you, but here is a site you can look:

if you go to that site and put in 3 or four digits of your zip code and your country(so it doesn't find people in Germany) you will search around your area. I search by Visceral Manipulation so that is prioritized.

I look for people who have at least VM4, but preferrably VM6 and some of the NM classes and some craniosacral therapy.

if you type in 8030, I am the first one on the search list so You have an idea what I am talking about.
Ideally I would have more cranial training but I have done some training with people outside of this group.

Also, have you done kidney and liver cleansing?

I have had back issues for years and recently I am getting that is a big issue for me. The Iodine showed me how a big of an issue when I took too much SSKI and my back went kidneys couldn;'t handle the detox load. I am coating my nitetime pee jar with white sand and it shows me how fracked my kidneys are. Last fall my GB area was building up a lot of pressure. So I started doing colonics and liver flushes. I have done 13 Liver Flushes so far and still going. And I have started doing Andreas Moritz 's kidney cleanse tea.

I also am chelating for heavy metals.

I think all of can be important for cleansing the organs which in my case my detox channels got all buggered up.

Anyway, some food for thought for you.

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