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Re: Going to try water kefir/probiotics in ears and sinuses. by jameskep37 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/30/2011 1:29:22 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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All right..lets snort some kefir dude. Thats one hole i havent tried it in. Ive heard of people using apple cider vinegar in the ear for ear infection. I use peppermint oil on the edge of my nostrils for nose pretty good. fresh garlic works temporarily on the outside of the ear canal. Seems like the congestion is always whats going on inside your body. When I kill off yeast I get sinus congestion.  After i get colonics i get slightly congested(stirs up some mucus/toxins).  Some Mucus/congestion almost seems inevetable when the candida is producing toxins/die off. The body  produces mucus to "TRAP" the toxins. Just like when you get a cold the mucus is suppose to trap/immobilize/isolate the virus to keep it from spreading. I guess all we can do is try to take things to flush, thin or break apart the mucus. Thats one of the main purposes of my colonics is to flush out all the mucus out of my colon. Enemas dont do the job that a colonic does as far as flushing out mucus goes.


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