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Aspergillus stachybotrys penicillium by kooch ..... Toxic Black Mold Forum

Date:   6/9/2011 4:40:43 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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i was living with all of these in counts from 256 - 1200 with a base count of 19 ... so i am sick right now fighting what i thought was candida - yes there were Antibiotics involved (2 courses the second one was STRONG) ... sinusitis is still existent in my right side and i get headaches sometimes that are BAD as well as the obvious gut pains.

i have moved out and been out for over a month changed my diet to an anti candida form water with apple cider vinegar etc. i've had 2 hydro colonic therapies. (OMG!!!)... planning a 3r this week. i take clove and pure oregano oil as well as grape seed extract. i'm taking lactobacillus in the 200 billion count (not cheap stuff) daily. i am also taking 6 modifilan capsules daily in the AM and later zeolite to deal with detoxing. hard to spread these supplements out along the day but i like to give them at least 2 hours between one another.

i haven't burned my clothing yet but i am prepared to jettison my entire wardrobe before i make another move to a temporary address this coming week. hopefully this will kill any chance of cross contamination altogether. i am finally seeing another doctor on monday who's practice is integrative so i am hoping he can shed some light on me with some blood tests that he'll look at for longer than 2 seconds.

can anyone recommend what else i should be doing to get my guts and head back on track? anything i am over compensating for? feeling better but still not absorbing.

thanks for you consideration

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