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Is this possible? by candidawars ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   6/14/2011 12:12:45 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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I have a big, what I thought was a birth mark, on the side of my mouth. Since undergoing die-off the birth mark has been shrinking and flattening. Could this mark be Candida? I have had it all my life! And the dermo one time when I was a kid scraped it off and then froze it. Just came right back.

It's a bumpy ugly patch of skin a few inches to the left of my mouth. It's my skin color and has been darker and lighter, smaller, and larger through the years.

I tell you I am in shock. Feel like my whole life was something it should not have been because of this. It made me a different person.

With Anxiety, depression, fibro, chronic fatigue. I thought this was the best life gets and I'm pretty much ready to die. I'm 37. It's even in my penis. I though I had Peyronnes. Painful erection all my life. Their almost gone. Don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Oh and I have been taking Paxil for 14 years and now I realize it was the Candida all along. Including the social anxiety.

I want to be happy but I feel like I am mourning myself. I need to get over but it's hard. My mind is still being affected by this. I have never been able to control my thoughts normally like to meditate and I thought I was crazy.

i could go on and on and on for days.

This whole experience has been overwhelming both physically and mentally. I have barely been able to work.

Finally I am getting better. But if I try to eat any carbs other than literally a few beans, I feel like crapola.

BUT EVEN THE BIRTH MARK??????????????? Am I even human, or just yeast sitting here typing?

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