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Re: Breathing Difficulties/Breathless by sunshine1061 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   6/21/2011 11:16:48 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I am new here looking for reasons why at times i am gasping for air, as if my life was on the line! I had been just seconds away from calling an ambulance in the past. I do a mild excursion, (up and down the stairs a couple times, not fast, just carrying stuff in my arms). I have never had a prob. with acid reflux or any type of what ever. I smoked for approx. 10 yrs. quit 5 months ago I have had these episodes mainly it seems when it is cold outside. as if the air shocks my lungs and i loose about 90% of their capacity. this is extremely scary to me. had x-rays today Dr. mentioned something about a bubble? but I cannot find anything that really explains my symptoms. Now you mentioned something about toxic mold in your home. now you have me scared. we lived for 3 yrs in a house with black mold everywhere, we had grass growing in window sills on the inside of the house, mushrooms growing also on diff window sills. we were unaware of the dangers to us until myself and two of my children began getting nose bleeds for no reason. upon some research i found black mold was a main culprit if not the only culprit. could this stuff be in my lungs? Also I use to work in a lumber mill that had no safety standards, we would be covered in a extremely fine saw dust. blow our noses black all the time because of what we would breath in. ( we had no face masks, or a breathing respirator when we had to go into the "bag house" to change out clogged filter bags). had any one ever had or have this breathing prob. (you can breath just fine, do some chores around your home, or take a walk in the cool air. and you suddenly cannot breath, and hurts to inhale the tiny bit you do? and you truly do feel as though you are gasping for your very life. withing 5 min. your breathing gets easier, and then right back to normal?

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