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Re: Did anyone's endocrine labs improve with iodine? by Whispering Wind ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   6/23/2011 11:37:57 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Do you have the anti-thyroid antibody? If so then yes, Iodine should improve that score and bring it down.

Also, thyroid isn't always responsible for weight gain, about 40% of people with thyroid issues will but again, that is not quite half of hypo individuals so is it possible there is something else perhaps going on? Are you getting enough fats in your diet? I know this sounds counter to what you are trying to do but sometimes it's fats that help us lose bad fats..replacing the toxicity levels in the fats should be of some use, I would surmise.
Specifically of use would be Non Genetically-Modified-Organisms Lecithin granules...the body can utilize it immediately without much trouble, thus pushing some of those toxic fats out and immediately replacing with a cleaner source making it leaner (?) =)

I can share with you even though you don't want a story, but this is specific to what you are saying here about the armour not being much help but wanting to lose weight..not a good idea if your body doesn't need it because when I started dessicated thyroid I put on weight...yes, I put on weight, however, I was not battling weight and needed the extra. I think this is erroneous of many to believe that thyroid replacement will cause weight loss. Yes, my labs stabilized by way of anti thyroid antibody with use of iodine, it also has helped me stay on the lowest dose possible. Another thing, Armour isn't what it use to, can you get dessicated from a compounding pharmacy?

Things will balance out if you work with it and keep your stress level down, sometimes that stress can trigger more than the initial problem especially if we have an idea of what results we want and do not get them fast enough. It's okay, there is always tomorrow. Not need to rush yourself and upset the delicate balance already in play. =) Hope things get better for you.

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