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Re: OT/ I did the nasty by UserX ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   6/25/2011 10:35:34 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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I figure if they're dead, they ought come out pretty easy. The dentists tried telling me my teeth were "dead" just cuz they had an infection. If ya think about it, the infection starts in a small spot and you either get a handle on it or it spreads. Blood flow in the gums is pretty dismal so for most people (iodine deficient 99.5+ % of the pop) they'll never be able to heal a tooth infection and best course is what the dentists say for them. But if yer Iodine sufficient and otherwise strong and increase blood flow to gums then you have a good chance of winning, I beat two of em. I figure that the infection started in a small place and the body has the ability to heal - if I let a dentist drill out the nerve and pulp, then basically it would have been the dentists who killed the tooth, for as it stands currently I can say these two teeth are very much alive, I'm glad I kept the nerve & pulp, its what enables healing - remove them and you don't have a chance. certain substances promote neurogenesis also in addition to re-cementation provided one doesn't ingest inhibitors but its probably very hard for most folk to understand let alone implement, ya gotta be lucky or somethin. There's a collagen factor in there so be sure to do the usual collagen-promoting acts.

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