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Question for the forum participants... by prettysoulful ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   6/19/2006 1:36:47 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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While writing a post a few moments ago, an article I read came to my mind. I will post it at the end of this post, but it engendered a question that I would like to ask the forum.

The article stated that lipase production was a big factor in dry skin conditions. It implied that body size has a role to play in this. At least this is what I gathered. From my own observation, my heavier friends often have near flawless complexions, and soft, smooth skin in general. This is a generality, but a consistent observation nonetheless.

In respect to flushing, I theorized that people with adequate bile production but low lipase, often produced more 'blob' than stones. Then I realized that my flushes had more stones than blob, but that I have always had a tendency to severe dry skin, and am rather small. I had some blob in the beginning, but have always produced green stones or pale tan chaff.

I wondered if anyone would be willing to share her/his body composition, general skin moisture status, and typical flush results(stones, blob, both, and which more frequently or when the began flushing vs. now).

I hope that by observing a pattern in flushing results and skin types, I may be able to understand what aspect of fat digestion is having the most effect on our physical and digestive states, and if any of this could be narrowed down easier by skin condition, for example, to help lead us to the answers faster. In other words, if easy fat accumulation on the body tends to imply stong lipase production, but poor bile production, then a person who tends to gain weight easily and has clear skin would know to focus on bile enhancing herbs/supplements while flushing. While someone who doesn't tend to gain weight, and tends to have skin rashes or dry skin, might find that low lipase production lies at the root of her/his problems and can take steps to improving that while flushing. With both reaching clean flushes faster by attacking the problem in two ways at once.

Both bile and lipase have a profound affect on general health, but their deficiencies have to be treated in different ways. If there is a correlation between them and some physical attributes, then the path to healing could be found that much faster, I hope.

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