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Well, I guess I can say I'm cured... by Jerome99 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   7/28/2011 10:17:25 AM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I haven't been checking the board so much recently, mainly because I have been feeling 90% better since getting my fillings out just three weeks ago and doing just one 7-day round of DMSA chelation.

At this point, I can confidently say that my 12 silver Amalgam fillings were responsible for at least part, if not all, of my problems.

All of my health issues have improved remarkably:

--no sign of rosacea (which had improved greatly but still flared from time to time)

--no significant sign of digestive or yeast trouble despite eating bagels, bread, cake, fruits, desserts, etc.

--thoracic back pain improved substantially (it had been improving as I detoxed, but now it is even better)

--fatigue improved substantially

--general body aches and pains, fibromyalgia hugely improved (although I am taking large amounts of bromelain and other enzymes, which may be helping)

--Finally, I don't have that general 'toxic' feeling I used to have when the fillings were in my mouth. I can't explain what the feeling was like except that it felt like I was very mildly poisoned 24/7.

As I continue to chelate, the only side effect I have is that the back of my neck becomes stiff and achey while on DMSA, almost like I have whiplash. The only other time I've had this symptom is while taking large amounts of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . Now I realize that the stiffness and aching at the base of my skull must mean that I've got mercury/metal accumulated there, and the ache is the result of it being pulled out by the chelator. Since Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is supposed to be a chelator like DMSA, it all makes sense now.

I now believe that my candida was caused primarily by the mercury keeping my immune system bogged down. The fact that I used to feel worst after drinking a large cup of hot coffee with Sugar (i.e., super hot acidic drink that leached mercury from the fillings into my system) demonstrates to me that the fillings were definitely a problem.

I hope my experience serves to persuade others on here facing candida issues, but who may be skeptical about the relationship between candida and silver fillings, to put your skepticism aside and just get the damned things removed. Worst case scenario, removing the fillings may do nothing for your problems, but it will certainly not make you worse. However, if you have a good number of fillings as I did (12), I am almost positive that you will see improvements to your health.


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