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Re: Starting a fast on Sunday..... by #128231 ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   8/21/2011 12:03:42 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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hey, okay, ... I guess I will try to start today but if it is too hard I can just start tomorrow with you...

Yes, I think you will lose 10 pounds, but some of it will be water and will come back. However, if you commit to eating less (making a "lifestyle change" after the fast, then you will stabilize at a weight lower than your pre-fast weight. I know all about the 10 unwanted pounds, believe me. I finally lost them and kept them off (actually lost 20 lbs, 15 years ago, and have kept it all off. I will now keep it off for life; I know this.) I'm fasting now because it heals my Depression and I still get food cravings because being such a food addict I never though I did commit to keeping the food intake down I never actually took the healing all the way and in all these 15 years never really cleared out my system, really cleaned and eradicated the food addiction, by fasting. addiction, which is in a way lodged in my body, has hung on to some extent so it is still a daily struggle for me not to overeat. To live free and comfortable and truly addiction-free I need to fast. FAsting will kill off the bacteria in my system which are the basis of the food cravings and lingering food addictedness. It is psychologically hard for me to fast because of the (brain and nervous system/emotion/mood)effect of what amounts to a lingering infection in my intestinal system and through my whole body. ... One sort of helpful thing I read about mood once is: Change is easy, thinking about change is hard (emotionally painful/scary). But the idea is that we become accustomed to change MUCH more easily than we think we will. It might take you 3 days to become almost completely comfortable with a new habit, almost so that you don't even notice it any more. Fasting really does help by giving you a boost and putting you in a more positive less food-addicted mindset...this is necessarily true since the source of food addiction is the infecting/infesting bacteria, and fasting kills these bacteria (removes their food source, which is the food you eat)... FAsting can be the key to your making a lasting decision to eat less daily. I'm really lecturing myself... Fasting changes your mind. People have sort of conversion experiences while fasting. Fasting is an ages-old way of humbling yourself to achieve something you want, that is important to you. ... So... I hate that I have to fast today but... that's what it is to be a food addict... Let me know how you are doing in your thinking about the fast... the thinking is the key, and it is difficult to get it exactly right so you can start yourself off. I think it is easier once you build momentum.

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