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Re: Lyme disease revisited by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   8/22/2011 7:23:01 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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 Wrong, it is way over diagnosed.


*shakes head* Sorry Hvergarth - I love your work but you're out of the loop on this one.

 Not even close.

That is an impossible claim to prove, so I will not even ask you to try.  But Lyme's is actually rare due to the fact that it takes days of the tick being on the person to cause infection.  But people will generally find ticks on themselves long before that, not to mention that there are plenty of parts of the country where ticks are not an issue.  And even in the areas that they are what percentage of the population is going hiking in the woods to be exposed?  It  is not transmitted person to person, or through the air, water or food.

The fact you call it "Lyme's" tells me all I need to know. 

If you prefer Lyme I could use that.  But if you want to be nitpicky do you know why the "L" is capitalized?  If you know then you should also know that "Lyme's" is acceptable.

It doesn't take days and tick bite isn't the only way it can be passed.  My mother passed it to me and my 2 brothers at birth (through placenta).  We all have Lyme and I showed my earliest symptoms of it when I was a child.

Show me proof that it can be passed that way.  Being that there are no definitive lab tests that can prove the presence that is going to be pretty difficult.  But I will be waiting for your evidence.

Spirochetes have been found in sperm as well and much research has shown it can be passed sexually (much like Syphillis which is a spirochete infection)

Again, let's see some evidence that Lyme can be passed sexually and passed through the placenta from reliable sources.

False positives are way more prevalent with antibody testing than are false negatives.  The biggest problems with these tests are false positives from serological cross reactivity and antibody responses from exposure without chronic infection.  For example, if not enough of the bacteria is introduced to cause chronic infection or antibiotics kill off the bacteria there will still be an antibody response that will yield false positives.  This is why without the characteristic bullseye rash there is no way to positively confirm Lyme's infection.

Complete BS - I hope people reading this take your remarks with a grain of salt.  I have first hand experience with this.  you apparenly don't.

I know more about those tests than you could ever hope to know.  If you have "first hand" experience then you would have to be a lab tech or similar, which means that you would have enough knowledge to understand all the various scientific reports explaining how antibody tests and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) are unable to prove the presence of any pathogen.  Look them up I have found plenty.

You're beyond knowledgeable and I've appreciated much of the work you provide to this forum.  But your knowledge of Lyme Disease is so off base.

Just because you lack the knowledge of the diagnostic tests this does not make me wrong.  And the fact that you are applying viral conditions such as MS and ALS to a rare bacterial infection is what says it all .


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