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Re: Old vs New Protocol Effectiveness by petluvr10 ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   10/5/2011 11:21:38 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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All I do is research and I'm literally going insane from all the conflicting info! I really need someone to be knowledgable enough to tell me what to do... I can't doctor myself.

I weigh 70 pounds and am 5'1. I have lost a lot of weight due to my illness, and especially since starting Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

My chiro wants me to continue at "tolerance level" twice a day (plus adding DMSO) for 2 weeks. Should I do this? Or, should I do the 1-3 drops every hour thing with DMSO? Or, should I just stop?

Me and my mom are getting scared b/c I'm getting worse...I feel like I don't have much leeway to be a guinea pig or test dummy.

Please, I really need help....

I feel that Metals and fungus = big issues. I Need to detox metals in order to detox fungus. I also need to focus on fixing the digestion issues. Strengthen the immune system, regulate the dysbiosis, achieving better pH balance, being nutritionally stable, fixing leaky gut, and flooding with good probiotics. Also, make sure detox channels (liver, kidney, GI...) are working well to ensure elimination of toxins. Is all this correct? How do I go about doing this?

What is the best way to chelate metals? NAC/glutathione? Cutler? Cilantro/chlorella? IV EDTA? DMSA? DMPS?....

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