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The Hall of Hypocrisy by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   10/10/2011 5:58:39 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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 Yes, what Curezone really should be called.  

There are many examples of the outright hypocrisy here on Curezone.  On the Webmaster Support forum in one thread the same person who states "We need to cultivate an atmosphere of respect for our different beliefs" is one of the same people working hard to make sure I do not have a voice.

But the biggest hypocrite over there is the one who keeps trying to play victim claiming she has never attacked me, which is an outright lie.  She started the attacks a long time ago after I posted information that would help someone, and she disagreed because she felt that an herbal extract is not natural.  Yet she sells herbal extracts!!!  But that is not the real hypocrisy.  The real hypocrisy is in her current posts where she posted the rules of this site bolding the ones she THINKS I have violated.  But in this same post she violated a number of these same rules.  I guess she thinks she is above the rules!!!  She has not only repeatedly used my name in her personal attacks, but also has repeatedly posted my responses to ATTACKS MADE ON ME but left the posts attacking me out to make me falsely look like the instigator instead of the victim.  The only reason someone would pull such a low blow is that they are deliberately trying to deceive the public about the truth.  Why?  Because she is upset with me for providing evidence against a number of her claims, and mentioned that the advice she gave one person was potentially deadly.  You would think that she would be grateful that her misinformation was corrected before it killed someone, but clearly that was not the case.  So she sits there complaining about attacks and other TOS violations while repeatedly committing attacks and TOS violations with each post.  Can you say H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y????

Yet again, she has not been banned for repeatedly violating TOS, and not one of her posts full of personal attacks have been removed.  Thus the more they post the more they prove that Curezone is all about the politics.  It is not what you know, but who you know.  That is why the rules are not enforced against the trolls here on Curezone, only those who post any health information the moderator for that board disagrees with.  There is no free speech on Curezone.  There is no freedom to share different beliefs.  There is only the beliefs of some power hungry moderators who abuse that power so that only what they agree with gets posted!!!!  Welcome to the Hall of Hypocrisy!!!

One other thing I want to clear up since the trolls are doing everything in their power to twist the facts.  What I wrote as far as the defamation of character was not directed at the Webmaster.  If you actually read what was wrote the Webmaster did not defame my character.  It was one individual poster who kept escalating things since her simple childish name calling was not working.  Of course she has ben egging me on even more because for the moment she knows she is safe since I have no idea who she really is nor her address to serve her with a Summons.  Otherwise, she could end up with a rude awakening.  But let me tell you something I learned when I went after my ex-business partner.  I was told by several attorneys that if bringing a suit that ALL potential parties must be served with a Summons or the case could get tossed.  In simple terms I am not interested in going after the Webmaster even though his lack of action is irritating since he creates rules he refuses to enforce and allows escalation to the point of illegal acts as we have seen.  But if I go after the one poster I would not have any choice but to also serve the Webmaster otherwise the case can get tossed and I am out the time and money of going after the one individual who thinks she can get away with whatever.

It is like when I had someone counterfeit my formulas and also pulled some other illegal acts.  He was working for someone I knew who was told what was going on, but he also failed to do anything about it.  But I never sued the person who  was breaking the law because I would also have had to sue his boss, which is not the person committing the crimes.  So I let it go.  Again I have no real desire to go after the Webmaster, I am interested in the person committing the crime.  But if it continues to escalate to the point where this person is causing serious harm then I have to make a tough decision.  I was really hoping the Webmaster would actually do something about the escalating personal attacks.  After all, is this what he really wants Curezone to be known for?  A place where if you provide real evidence against a claim that you are going to to be the constant target of the Troll Pack?  Why does he think so many people have left Curezone and why so many others are afraid to post?  I have had discussions with a number of people who left Curezone because it they were it he same boat I am.  They could not post anything that contradicted any of the troll's bogus health claims without being the victim of constant troll attacks.

And yes, I know that the trolls keep trying to accuse me of this, but again they are twisting the facts.  I have had various CIVIL disagreements with people both on my forum and other forums simply because I respond to people in a manner they treat me.  If they are civil in their responses then I respond civilly.  But when the trolls start the attacks then I respond in kind.  This is why I have always said I have NEVER started any attacks.  I have only fought back when attacked first.

But there is such a pack mentality among the trolls here.  And they love to tag team attack anyone they disagree with.  It is so bad that I would not be surprised if Gandhi was in my place that he would rip the trolls a new one!!!!   A person can only take so much of the CONSTANT bullying including the name calling, lies about the person and the repeated making up of lies and twisting of their words by these trolls before the person gets totally fed up and either let's the trolls have it or simply leaves Curezone.  In fact,  why don't any of the trolls and even the Webmaster put themselves in my place.  How many of you, the Webmaster in particular, would tolerate about a dozen trolls bashing you every single day and looking for everything and anything they can totally twist out of context in an attempt to discredit you since they have no real evidence to counter with?!!!!  Come on, who of you would tolerate this crap?!!!!  And then you claim I am doing the bashing when in fact I am defending myself from the Troll Pack!!!  Even people who have come to my defense in the past have come under attack by the troll pack!  So why are people leaving Curezone and others are so afraid to post?  You have your answer right there!!!



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