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Re: Here come the regulations by Hveragerthi ..... The Truth in Medicine

Date:   10/16/2011 10:22:46 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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I see it took no time at all for the personal attacks to start again against me on the Webmaster forum.  As usual the terms of service mean nothing.

But more importantly it shows how there are some that just do not get it.  Our rights to supplements are going to be eliminated and soon can be taken away.  The FDA has been unable to ban herbs and supplements outright, so they have been trying every other tactic they can to suppress our access to herbs ad supplements.  First they tried to hide "riders" in bills that if passed in to law would have also included these hidden legislations.  But those got exposed and stopped.  So they are looking for new tactics.  The newest is the NDI that will put most if not all small manufacturers out of business.

The language of the whole NDI thing is purposely vague so it can be interpreted as needed by the FDA.  For example, as written now any herb or supplement or formula that is considered "new" must undergo very expensive testing to prove safety.  But there is more to this.  Even if the ingredients have already been proven safe their use in any other manner makes them "new" again.  So let's say a formula has been marketed for 40 years with an excellent safety record.  if the manufacturer changes anything, such as adding an herb, oil, etc. to improve absorption, or changes an herb to its extract then it is considered "new".  But formulas are always being updated for various reasons.  Better herbs come along.  Or herbs get put on the endangered species list  or just become too expensive or hard to obtain.  If these are changed or left out of a formula then the product is considered "new" and must undergo the testing.  For large companies this is great for now because it eliminates so much of their competition.  But for small companies it is a nightmare.  Let's say a company has 10 products, and each one costs $100,000 just for the testing alone to prove safety how is a small company going to afford this?  This does not even include research and development, production costs and overhead.  And this applies to ALL formulas or supplements from 1994 until present.  

Even herbal extracts are subject to the same rules.  If an extract of an herb was made after 1994 it must undergo these safety studies.  So let's say that an was extracted to a certain concentration such as the coleus forskohlii extracted to 1% forskohlin.  This extract would have to go under the testing.  If the manufacturer decides to make an extract of 2%, 3%, 4%......... forskohlin then these "new extracts must all undergo the same safety testing separately.

And let's say you take something like vitamin C, which precedes the 1994 deadline.  By itself this does not need the testing as long as the manufacturing process has not been changed.  And let's say silica also does not require these studies since it also predates 1994.  If you combine these two substances to make a collagen formula you now have a "new" product that now must undergo all the safety studies.

These are just a few of the possible scenarios that can arise from the NDI if allowed to pass, especially due to the vagueness of the wording.

So what is pushing these changes and giving the FDA the power to do this?  Simple, all the outlandish, unproven claims being pushed by MLM companies and people, especially on the internet.  So the FDA is using the excuse that they have to step in to protect the public from these outlandish and potentially dangerous claims.

Bottom line is that we can either work to police ourselves by stopping unproven and proven false claims or be prepared to lose ALL your rights to openly use herbs and supplements.  Right now the NDI will only put small businesses out of business.  But we know how rights are taken away, little by little.  The gained power by the FDA means that in the long run even the big supplement companies will eventually be regulated out of existence if we do not put a stop to this!!!

The censorship here on Curezone is just contributing to the problem significantly.  So again, when our rights and access to supplements are taken away remember who contributed to them being taken away.


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