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Re: How much Sodium Chlorite for MMS by Esstee ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   10/30/2011 5:58:41 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Preparation and Mixing:
Make sure your work area is clean, and clear. You should have your scales, bowls ,and utensils cleaned and rinsed with distilled water. Leave the Sodium Chlorite powder sealed until you weigh it, and seal it back up as soon as you are done. Weigh your water according to the chart below for the amount you want.  The water may be warmed to 110 degrees for easier solubility, but room temperature is fine.

After weighing the water add it to your bowl or mixing vessel. Weigh out your Sodium Chlorite Powder. After you have the right weight, close the lid on the Sodium Chlorite Powder that is left to avoid contamination, and light exposure. Slowly add the sodium chlorite powder to the water, stir until completely dissolved. The mixture may appear cloudy at first, this is normal, and it should clear up, by the time it is all dissolved. Your final solution should be clear.

Cover the MMS solution and place in a dark place, allow it to sit for at least 6 hours. You will see some sediment at the bottom in most cases, this is normal. There may also be an oily film on the top, depending on the inert ingredients in the Sodium chlorite.

We want to skim the film off as best we can, and then draw, or pour off the MMS without getting sediment. At this point, it is ready to filter. Filtering is an optional step, if the instructions above are followed, the MMS is ready for use. For the manufacturer, filtering provides a stable solution that will not precipitate sediment with shelf time.

While any sediment that forms can be re-dissolved without issue, it can generate calls from concerned customers, wasting time and resources. A  1 micron screen system with made non organic materials is perfect, and will stop most sediment issues. DO NOT USE WHITE COFFE FILTERS. Many contain acid, and can actually degrade the MMS over time.


(MMS, 28% Solution)

There will be some loss due to removing any sediment.

Instructions, weights and measures apply to

80% Technical Grade Sodium Chlorite Powder

and Flakes.


 Ingredients                                          Resulting Solution

Sodium Chlorite Distilled Water  (by weight) (by volume)
42.7 grams 109.8 grams 152.5 grams 125 ml
85.4 grams 219.6 grams 305  grams 250 ml
170.8 grams 439.2 grams 610 grams 500 ml
341.6 grams 878.4 grams 1220 grams 1 liter



 Ingredients                                          Resulting Solution

Sodium Chlorite Distilled Water  (by weight) (by volume)
1.51 ounces 3.87 ounces 5.38 ounces 4.23 fl oz
3.02 ounces 7.74 ounces 10.76 ounces 8. 45 fl oz
6.04 ounces 15.48 ounces 21.52 ounces 16.90 fl oz
12.08 ounces 30.96 ounces 43.04 ounces 33.8 fl oz

Sodium Chlorite Powder should be stored in a cool place, without temperature extremes. Kept properly, it has a shelf life of 20 years or more. The standard packaging for MMS is 4oz PET bottles, usually blue or green.  This packaging is ok, but for long term bulk storage, I would recommend HDPE or Amber Glass Bottles. MMS should be kept in a dark cupboard or storage site, until it is ready for use. Exposure to sunlight should be avoided, as well as temperature extremes.  The shelf life if properly stored should is at least 5 years.

Hope this helps,


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