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Mainstream propagandist? by Dquixote1217 ..... News Forum

Date:   10/31/2011 6:45:41 PM ( 11 years ago ago)
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Not one bit of evidence to back up the claim?  If you had bothered to follow the link you would have seen the study which found the referenvce to the study:

"The study of 88,000 nurses found that those who took two or more aspirins a week for 20 years or more had a 58 percent higher risk of pancreatic cancer."

I would say that beats the speculative study of 1/100th the amount of people quite handily.  Likewise while you were quick to dispute aspirin causingt macular degeneration, you also chose to ignore the reference to aspirin causing cataracts:

And other studies have demonstrated a 44 percent increase in the risk of developing subcapsular cataracts in those who have used aspirin for 10 years or more.  The risk is greatest for those under 65 years of age (Ophthalmology 98;105:1751-1758).

You call actual facts a "typical scare tactic"?  What would you call your titling your post "Apririn Cuts Bowel Cancer by 50%", when the actual study found that it might cut an inherited form of bowel cancer that is applicable to only 1 in 1000 people?  I suppose it beats another maim-stream headline I saw which touted the study thusly "Aspriin Blocks Colon Cancer!"  Even so, your headline qualifies as sensationalism far more than the other posts qualify as scare tactics.

Have we seen you here before in another ID?  Perhaps one which was chased away for all the mainstream propaganda?  Just curious . . .



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