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Please review my colon cleanse plan, I'm first timer! by txacoli ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   11/10/2011 5:49:21 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hello everyone,

I'm a long time lurker, but a first time poster. I really need advice from more experienced people here.
First, a little background. I've had candida for a long time, and a mild form of Psoriasis for the past couple of years. Last year after a series of anitbiotics, my Psoriasis got worse, but I've managed to get almost completely clear with raw foods, and it was summer, so sun and sea helped a lot. I didn't do any colon cleansing with pb shakes or such, I did saltwater flush for 3 days, and enemas, including coffee and urine enemas which were great, and 80-100% raw food diet. Since then, I've reverted to a cooked diet and sure enough candida has come back and small patches of Psoriasis are starting to come back so I want to address the problem before it blows up. In my research I've found a document that links psoriasis to streptococci in the small intestines ( so I've devised a cunning plan to clean my digestive tract, including my small intestine and then repopulate it with good bacteria. I would appreciate more experienced users review it.

The plan:
Preparation: Up to one week of low fat raw vegan foods to prepare me for the juice fast. I plan to supplement with enzymes as I've heard they are great at loosening the stuff in the bowels.

Cleansing: 7-10 day juice fast with "PB Shakes" - I can't get a hold of bentonite, will Green Clay do? The clay is intended for internal use. I'd like to get the mucoid plaque out, as I'm sure the streptococci are buried underneath it.
After a couple of days on the fast I plan for an anti parasite program.
At the end of the fast, a liver flush.

Reintroducing good bacteria:
Extended fast (up to one month) with home made raw goat milk kefir. I have the tibetan fungus to make it. The goats are my neighbor's, they're really healthy and they eat only grass and leaves. This wouldn't be exactly a fast, more of a diet, because I would make sure my calories were near maintainance. Towards the end of the "fast" I will start introducing solid raw foods, than slowly transition into a healthy mixed raw and cooked diet. I would supplement with a multivitamin, and maybe enzymes. And definitely enzymes with cooked food later.

So how does this sound? Any suggestions, advice? I'm trying not to make any crucial and potentially dangerous mistakes. Is there anything missing from the plan? I intentionally left out any form of laxative. If things stop moving I plan to drink magnesium rich mineral water.

Thanks again, I will really appreciate all of your answers!

Cheers, Txacoli


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