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astounishing truth found: reason for all allergies by michellekansas ..... Scabies Forum

Date:   12/11/2011 11:14:51 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Look at the newest lysol disinfectant spray, it adds tow killing funtion: aspergillus niger and penicillum chrysogenum, wonder what they are:
the first one is Antibiotics human put in animal food to prevent other diseases
penicilin all know is Antibiotic used on human. Now they over grow so much, that become the newest molds, and not easy to cure molds, and human body does not have the ability to kill molds.
human mites carry too much of this, so we get sick again and again. This is why we have to cure allergy whole bodily, if you clean one spot, they move to another, and the one spot you cleaned up today, becomes the best home bed for them tomorrow.
We're slowly killing ourselves.
The animals ate those foods, they lose their hair, they grow tumor, it's much easier to clean, because air are so loose.
Human have too much mold in the body, lose hair, have all kinds of diseases.
Wake up world!!!We're slowly killing our animals, we're slowly killing ourselves.
aspergillus niger is used to produce Sugar alternatives, is used in gum you eat daily, is put in tooth paste, becuse it is so strong a mold, it kills all other mold.
penicilin is also strong.
What stronger mold human can produce to kill these molds: the answer is in lysol: A higher killing mold. Lysol has a higher killing mold. I spay lysol on myself, it stops itch but it produces new itch. it flows down my leg, the place they stop and dry up, a have a quarter big new patch of ezxema. My skin is thiner and softer than a baby, so I experience what ever they experience, and can not speak out. If your skin is strong, they go inside. I have too many women friends who grow tissues, polyps in uterus, and have to have htem removed.
Wake up, world!!!! Tell the truth, tell the truth.
The human mites is carring all kinds of molds that kills them before, but they grow out of it. They're carring it, they're making human more sick with it, becasue they're undefeatable.They're very hard to defeat.
The first day, I sit here, almost itch free, all by my own method, I know they hide some where, I just felt a itch. they're in the air, in the water, they're every where. you clean them up from your body, you have to restore your body real fast during the day, so you're prepared for their night have to ffed your body, put on your skin things that norish yourself more, but mites less. You have to mourissh your skin, because other wise you lose your defense.

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