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Date:   1/10/2012 9:23:17 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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sadpanda, Schulze's flush may not be the right one for you, it doesn't utilize Epsom Salts to dilate the ducts nor does it include a preparation period of stone softening to make the passage of stones through the ducts painless and easy, crucial steps when there are calcified stones, so of course you were likely to encounter difficulties. My suggestion is to go for the Clark/Moritz flush right away, and be sure to do enough stone softening -with apple juice/malic acid/ tart cherry juice, etc- prior to it for several days, to avoid a traumatic passage. Epsom Salts are mandatory in these protocols. Anything that increases bile output is clearly contraindicated, and some of Julia Chang's formulas actually induce gb contractions, thus are not advisable with a packed gallbladder. More gentle healing for an inflamed gallbladder can be achieved by taking cranberry juice, or apple juice with some ACV added to it, or even better Epsom Salts in water which achieve dramatic dilation of the bile ducts and are thus able to remove blockages. This looks like a mismanaged situation from the start, Schulze's too mild flush coupled with bile acids only aggravating an already acute condition and not really doing anything to dissolve the stones. So this may not be the 11th hour after all, more like back to square one actually. Above anything else, don't give up without having tried ROWACHOL caps !!! It's an amazing German product available domestically which happens to be the strongest of all the peppermint oils-based stone dissolvers, one that you can actually feel working from the very first day. solving most gb-related digestion issues. Even if your gb were at the verge of shutting down it can help clear up the debris whilst the periodic flushes work on decongesting the liver- almost a necessity even without a gb. Moritz suffered over 40 gb attacks for more than 10 years and his gb was almost shut down before he found the right flush. Also remember Moritz's assertion that calcified stones (in the gallbladder) are generally the last to come out -meaning you may have quite a bit of liver clearing to do first before your gb is fully able to discharge itself completely. In the meantime just one or two Moritz flushes have spelled relief for many and may do the same for you.

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