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Re: so whatever you did-people on doctrine are protected now??? by zenfood ..... Rife Forum: Bio Resonance

Date:   2/5/2012 8:49:34 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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>>There are reports of experiments that suggest that DNA that is taken
from a donor remains in a state of entanglement.I have conducted an
experiment where a saliva sample was taken from a volunteer with a staph

I am not surprised... but as you guys figured this can be stopped just with intention. you can dowse if any part of you is remotely being affected, and to cut it.

With intention one could also mentally wish a small bottle of water to carry his energy, and then treat the water instead of the person. Id go as far as to speculate we can ask God or whatever is your word for it to put the frenqeuncy of any person into a certain water and then treat it... and that would work. Unless they are a few rare who are on the doctrine or who cut psychic links regularly.

I see this as being similar to organ transplants, where one has to be given massive amount of immuno supressive drugs in order not to reject the foreign organ. If a little bit of 'magic' is applied, and that you harmonize the new organ to your frequency, balance your meridians in relation to it, etc, your body will welcome it much more gently ...


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