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Re: General Anesthesia - fluoride based? hmm by cougar ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   2/12/2012 12:39:57 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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ahhhhhhhhhh anesthesia at birth.

I could write a lot but I don't have time now.

I actually have trained a lot with a woman named Annie Brook here in Colorado.

Annie does a lot of pre and perinatal work.

I have had the pleasure of doing a bunch of work around my mom had a spinal. I was born 1964 in New Jersey. It shows up for me as dissociative behavior and isolation type patterns.

there are a ton of implications because of the imprinting of the early experience....chemically, experientially, physically, etc......oxytocin get released in vaginal births and that chemical helps mom and baby bond among other things.
Abandonment into the nursery....separation from mom
sometimes you can get a deep insight into the trauma of the event by just thinking logically about what happened and then feeling into that idea with you body....this is preverbal stuff, so words are usually only useful to set the context. Babies don't understand that they are different then mom until about 6 months, so anesthesia kind of makes mom go away energetically and babies can sense that and that can be might have lots of other insights if you decide to drop into this idea.

search for videos on Kangaroo care and watch and learn about how skin to skin is sooooo important to baby for regulation.

Annie's work is about repairing the wounding that happens because of these interruptions in the normal flow of events. This repair can still happen in adulthood.

It is fascinating work. I have also done a lot of work around my circumcision.

Your ideas on anesthesia fluoride and bromide interfering with natural hormonal and thus physical development make a lot of sense to me......I 5'10" and have always been slim and underdevoped in some ways
I have been blaming this on mercury in mom and my childhood vaccinations but this anesthesia thing could certainly explain some or all of it too.

funny as much as I think about these things, I hadn't quite put that together yet.....

In biodynamic craniosacral work they talk about the "ignitions" that happen in our is at conception.....another is at birth
these ignitions set up things for life....they believe they can still happen later
I haven't really studied that work so I can't speak a lot to it....but I like the idea.

little boys have a massive testosterone surge as infants that only happens if they are breast fed........this is info from Sally Fallon of the Weston Price foundation....this surge is really important to later development.

I wasn't breast fed either, so who knows exactly how that contributes....

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